Vitale Medici
Likes: The Medici Mafia, Cerebella
Dislikes: The Fishbone Gang
Voice Actor: Kyle Herbert

Vitale (JP: ヴィターレ) is a high ranking member of the Medici Mafia, Cerebella's foster father, and is a minor antagonist in Skullgirls. According to the official Skullgirls website, Vitale is Lorenzo's son. In his father's absence he is left in charge of the family.[1]

Appearances in the StoriesEdit

Cerebella's storyEdit

After seeing Cerebella's performance at the circus, Vitale gives her a mission to put her skills to the test: retrieve the invaluable Life Gem from Ms. Fortune. After Ms. Fortune is murdered at the hands Cerebella controlling Vice Versa, Vitale and Cerebella celebrate their victory. Vitale claims that the Medici Mafia is powerful as ever since Marie and Ms. Fortune are gone and they can even give the Renoir family a run for their money. Little does he know that Cerebella feels guilty for killing Ms. Fortune.


  • One of the portraits in Lorenzo's office resembles Vitale, however he appears much older than Vitale does in the present. This could be a remainder of an earlier design for Vitale or a portrait of an older relative. Alternatively it could be possible that his father allowed him to use the Life Gem in order to stay younger.
  • Vitale, along with Ottomo, Black Dahlia and Lorenzo, appears in the background of the Medici Tower Stage. Vitale appears a second time in the River King Casino stage, once again accompanied by Ottomo.


  1. Official description of the Medicis on the official Skullgirls website.
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