Versus is the multiplayer mode of Skullgirls. It offers four different game options: Tournament Mode, Local Only, Quick Match and Lobby Play.

Tournament ModeEdit

Designed to be played at fighting game tournaments, this option lets you play locally with the person next to you. This mode has the Configure Controls menu every time you play a new match to make it easier for competitive players to set up custom matches.

To pause, either player must hold down START on a controller or the ENTER key on a keyboard. It contains the options of Resuming Game, Help & Options (Controller configurations and music/screen settings), Command List (containing the move listings for all characters), Leaderboards (Steam only - has online rankings based on number of wins in a online Quick Match) and Achievements.

Local OnlyEdit

Similar to Tournament Mode, this option is more basic and lacks the Configure Controls option at the start of each match. However, it instead has the extra option of Sparring Mode in the pause menu, which can be turned off or on.

Sparring Mode works alike to Training Mode by the fact that all characters regain their health when they receive damage, the timer does not countdown, the Tension Meter is always maxed at level 5 and Attack Data can be seen. Unlike in Training Mode though, Achievements can be unlocked this way.

Quick MatchEdit

As the name implies, this online mode quickly finds another, random player to fight by using the middleware service GGPO to play lagless matches without delays. The same player could be selected multiple times depending on the current availability of players online.

Lobby PlayEdit

In this mode the player can create or join another users Lobby to partake in online battles against several different people, all the while getting ranked within the Lobby based on your performance. The team size, number of rounds and whether or not there are region restrictions depends on the configurations chosen by the player who originally opened the Lobby.

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