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Being Selected

  • Time to operate!

Pre-round Introduction

  • Time for your physical.
  • I'll cut you down to size.
  • This may sting... [whispering] a bit.
  • Side effects may include nausea, headaches... and death!
  • Tsk tsk... it looks like we'll have to operate.
  • You should have that removed. (vs Filia)
  • The head bone is connected to the arm bone... for now. (vs Cerebella)
  • You're the best Avian's got? Ha! (vs Peacock)
  • I'm done taking orders from you. (vs Parasoul)
  • What's holding you together? (vs Ms. Fortune)
  • You had better NOT disappoint me. (vs Painwheel)
  • Let's see if you learned any of what I've taught you. (vs Painwheel)
  • I knew it would come to this. (vs Double)
  • You disgusted me from the start. (vs Double)
  • I guess I made you... obsolete. (vs Double)
  • You don't smell so fresh... (vs Squigly)
  • Looks like you've got worms. (vs Squigly)
  • That antique won't save your life this time. (vs. Big Band)
  • Your skeleton is a parasite? Fascinating! Let's take it out! (vs. Eliza)
  • Are you all natural or used to needles? (vs. Beowulf)
  • Brain Drain, I have enough to deal with right now. (vs. Robo-Fortune)


  • Heiii! (Most attacks)
  • Ripsaw! (s.HP)
  • Skyward strike! (c.HP)
  • Pateller pound! (j.MK)
  • Body bash! (j.HK)
  • Dead Cross! (Dead Cross)
  • Going down. (Mortuary Drop)
  • Ready for your shots? (Vial Hazard, first time)
  • Let's up the dose... (Vial Hazard, second time)
  • This might pinch! (Vial Hazard, third time)
  • Making the incision! (Checkmate Incision)
  • Major surgery! (EKG Flatliner)
  • Dodge this! (Checkmate Incision)
  • Bandage this! (Checkmate Incision)
  • Deadly sharp. (Checkmate Incision)
  • Did you miss me? (Accquisitive Prescription/Countervenom)
  • Don't make me laugh! (Accquisitive Prescription/Countervenom)
  • What?! (Failed Accquisitive Prescription/Countervenom)
  • Tell me where it hurts... (Dead On Arrival)
  • CLEAR! (Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina)
  • Time to apply pressure! (Grab)
  • You're mine! (Grab)
  • Just a nip-and-tuck job... (Air grab)
  • I'll cut you down! (Air grab)
  • Can't catch me! (Escaping a grab)
  • Don't even try. (Blocking)
  • You wish! (Blocking)
  • Shove off. (Ground Shot)
  • Let's wrap this up! (Burst)
  • Time for alternative medicine! (Burst)
  • Cheat day. (Chocoglycemia (Taunt))


  • This isn't over. (Switching out)
  • Next time! (Switching out)
  • You'll regret this! (Switching out)
  • Filia! (Switching out with Filia)
  • Chew them up! (Switching out with Filia)
  • Cerebella! (switching out with Cerebella)
  • BREAK THEM! (Switching out with Cerebella)
  • Peacock! (Switching out with Peacock)
  • Show me your best! (Switching out with Peacock)
  • Your turn, highness. (Switching out with Parasoul)
  • What's in it for me? (Switching in with Parasoul)
  • Ms. Fortune! (switching out with Ms. Fortune)
  • Rip them up! (Switching out with Ms. Fortune)
  • Painwheel! (switching out with Painwheel)
  • Don't fail me. (Switching out with Painwheel)
  • Valentine! (Switching out with Valentine) (Mobile Only)
  • You look terrible! (Switching out with Valentine) (Unused)
  • Double!(Switching out with Double)
  • Here comes trouble! (Switching out with Double)
  • Squigly! (Switching out with Squigly)
  • Doctor's orders. (Switching out with Squigly)
  • Robo Fortune!(Switching out with Robo-Fortune)
  • Backup! (Switching out with Robo-Fortune)
  • Now you'll tremble! (Switching out with Marie) (Unused)
  • Make them fear you, girl! (Switching out with Umbrella) (Unused)
  • Let's take a look. (Switching in)
  • Only the best! (Switching in)
  • Is the patient prepped? (Switching in)
  • Go back to school. (Switching in with Filia)
  • Having trouble? (Switching in with Peacock)
  • Uninsured? (Switching in with Ms. Fortune)
  • You disappoint me. (Switching in with Painwheel)
  • Looks like you've got worms! (Switching in with Squigly)
  • Can't catch me! (Returning after assist)
  • Triage! (Outtake)
  • Back to the waiting room! (Outtake)
  • Don't go too far! (Outtake)


  • No place to run... (Ground recovery)
  • I've seen worse. (Ground recovery)
  • That's... gonna bleed. (Ground recovery)
  • Enough... (Ground recovery)
  • Damn... (Ground recovery)
  • I'll patch it right up! (Ground recovery)
  • So you say... (Opponent recovery)
  • Just pull the plug. (Opponent recovery)
  • [Sarcastically] That'll heal! (Opponent recovery)
  • Want a bandage? (Opponent recovery)
  • Open wide... (Opponent recovery)
  • Just a flesh wound. (Opponent recovery)


  • I'd get a... second opinion.
  • [Mocking tone] The doctor will see you now...
  • Too hot to handle!
  • Now we're ready to operate!
  • Stone cold... and red hot.
  • [Mocking tone] Lost the will to live?
  • Everyone has a weakness...
  • [Mocking tone] Poor little girl. (vs Filia)
  • [Mocking tone] Better run on home! (vs Filia)
  • What a joke. (vs Peacock)
  • I guess you're not so deadly after all. (vs Peacock)
  • [Mocking tone] Your majesty! (vs Parasoul)
  • They'll never follow you... once they've seen me. (vs Parasoul)
  • Curiosity and I have something in common. (vs Ms. Fortune)
  • Now let's see what makes you tick. (vs Ms. Fortune)
  • You fail to impress. (vs Painwheel)
  • I'm disappointed in you. (vs Painwheel)
  • You're just a mess to mop up. (vs Double)
  • So easy to replace. (vs Double)
  • Someone re-bury this one... (vs Squigly)
  • Just another D.O.A. (vs Squigly)
  • What a pathetic ASG! (vs Big Band)
  • No stomach, intestine, liver, or lungs? I'm surprised you still had your brain. (vs Eliza)
  • Aren't you quite the specimen! (vs. Beowulf)
  • Brain Drain, you'll have to do better than this! (vs Robo-Fortune)
  • The Heart... is MINE! (vs Marie)
  • Now... how do I cut it out of you? (vs Marie)


  • Got... sloppy... (vs Filia)
  • You got... lucky. (vs Peacock)
  • Well done... Avian...! (vs Peacock)
  • This isn't over...! (vs Parasoul/Time Out Loss)
  • Damn you, Brain Drain...! (vs Painwheel)
  • Atta girl. (vs Painwheel)
  • This can't be happening! (vs Double)
  • Saw... right... through me. (vs Marie)
  • Smarter... than you look... (vs Marie)
  • Next time... (Time Out Loss)
  • Another day... (Time Out Loss)


  • "Just a flesh wound" is a reference to the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • "Here comes trouble!" is a reference to Pokemon's Team Rocket's catchphrase, "Here comes trouble, and make it double."
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