Taunts are special moves which characters can perform, where the character performs a special animation, usually of them taunting their opponent. Each character has one taunt, with inputs varying between them. Depending on the character, completing a taunt successfully provides a bonus, such as a power boost or additional attack the next time certain moves are performed.

Initially, most of the playable characters in Skullgirls lacked taunts, however they were given them during the Skullgirls Encore updates.

List of TauntsEdit


LP + MP + 6 + MK + MK
Born With It
Born With It
Filia turns her head and flings her hair upward. Hits once when opponent is close, inflicts 5 damage and hitstun is 8 frames, but does not kill.


LP + MP + 4 + LK + MK
Medici Muscle
Medici Muscle
Vice-Versa clenches his fists whilst Cerebella gives him a kiss on the arm. Successfully completing this taunt highly increases the chance of a crudely drawn cat appearing from your next Lock n' Load


LK + HK + MP + MP + 8
Hi Hi Birdie
Peacock Taunt Peacock taunts her opponent by taking her hat off, revealing Avery on her head who also takes his hat off, with the insect on his head taking its hat off as well. Using a fully charged Shadow of Impending Doom after performing a taunt will result in dropping a Tenrai Ha instead of a standard Level 3 object.


LP + HP + 4 + LK + HK
Parasoul turns her back to the opponent and yawns. After a successful taunt, the next Egret from Egret Call will say "Well excuse me princess."

Ms. FortuneEdit

HP + LK + 6 + LP + LP
Ms. Fortune taunts by stretching and yawning. Restores 5 HP when the taunt finishes, but will not restore above red health.


MK + HK + 2 + MP + HP
Painwheel rips off her mask and gives her opponent a sparkling grin before putting it back on. Hits once for 5 damage.


LP + MK + 4 + MP + HK
Valentine takes a bite out of a bar of dark chocolate before throwing the rest away behind her. Restores 5 red health once the taunt finishes.


LP + LK + MK + HK + HP + MP
False Intentions
False Intentions
Double sinks into the ground and rises up revealing her nun form. Using this taunt gives the opponent of little bit of charge to their Blockbuster meter.


LP + LP + 6 + LK + HP
Snake Charmer
Leviathan coils around Squigly and gives her a hug while she caresses him. Performing this taunt successfully allows Squigly to use Shun Goku Saltsu.

Big BandEdit

6 + HP + MP + LP + 6
Bagpipe Blues
Bagpipe Blues
Big Band deploys and plays bagpipes. Performing this taunt successfully adds additional attacks to Big Band's Level 1 Blockbusters.


LK + MK + 4 + MP + MP
Virtually identical to Fukua and Filia's Time Out Loss animation, with Fukua tugging her hair out in frustration, causing pain to Shamone. Using this taunt will give a small amount of charge to your opponent's Blockbuster meter.


MK + LP + 2 + LK + MP
Scarlet Ladies
Scarlet Ladies
Eliza leans forward while Sekhmet stands straight out of her back. Performing this taunt successfully gives Sekhmet a boost. Using Lady of Slaughter after taunt will restore lost HP.


LP + MP + 6 + LK + MK
Aroo Ready?
Aroo Ready
Beowulf crouches down and howls like a wolf, with his wolf hood on. Performing this taunt successfully builds three levels of hype.


HP + LK + 4 + LP + LP
Really Talks!
Robo-Fortune acts as a talking doll, saying insulting quotes upon pulling her tail. If the taunt finishes, the number of missiles fired in her Headrone Salvo special attack will double.
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