20130302192358-DLC Taliesin
Cirque des Cartes
Gender: Male
Taliesin (JP: タリエシン) is a bard who can turn others into musical instruments, Taliesin’s role includes punishing members of the Cirque des Cartes who would defy their contract. He keeps a collection of his favorite victims, eliciting jealousy from his accomplice and Remote Parasite, Muse. Taliesin’s cursed touch stems from trading his hands for her arms. He is also very lustful about beautiful women, but only caring about their looks and no interest in their feelings.

In Cerebella's origin story in Skullgirls Mobile, he prepares Regina's second test for Cerebella, Beatrix, and Feng designed to gauge their mental strength. He gives each of them a puzzle box of his own design, and gives them six minutes to solve it and retrieve for him the fragile item inside, a Renoir Egg. However, as Cerebella discovers, he did not specify that the item had to be retrieved in one piece.

Playstyle SpeculationEdit

Not quite a regular 2D puppet character, because he feels his Muse’s pain. A bit more like the puppet characters from the Naruto games.

All punches are taken care of by Taliesin, whereas all kicks are assigned to Muse. There would be a stance where both are together, and another stance where Muse is separate from Taliesin. Certain moves and supers have different properties depending on whether Muse is attached to Taliesin or not. Taliesin would also be able to change objects into musical instruments to use as weapons.

Gameplay InspirationEdit


  • Taliesin was the fourteenth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $280,000.
  • The name of Taliesin's parasite, Muse, is probably a reference to the nine Muses of greek myth. According to myth, the Muses were the immortal embodiment of human creativity and learning, especially music and the arts.
  • Following this, Taliesin is the name of a 6th century Welsh bard, who became known as the chief of bards
  • He does not recognize others as people but rather things, additionally he objectifies women. His powers are a play on this.
  • Muse keeps his hands in her mouth.
  • Taliesin is shown to be handsome without his mask.
  • As a member of Cirque des Cartes, Taliesin represents the 'Jack'.
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