Skullgirls Music Sampler New Meridian

Skullgirls Music Sampler New Meridian

New Meridian theme

Streets of New Meridian is a stage in Skullgirls. As the name suggests, the stage is located on one of New Meridian's bustling streets.


Streets of New Meridian has a random chance of having NPCs appear on stage after it has been selected. Selecting the stage a second time results in the appearance of NPCs being rotated; so playing on the version with NPCs last time will result in there being no NPCs the next match.

This isn't the case if you completely exit to the main menu and return to the stage, in which case the appearance of NPCs will be random.



  • A man resembling Ryu from the Street Fighter franchise, complete with headband and karate gi, can be seen in a dark alley at the far right corner of the stage. Standing besides him is a punching bag resembling Bonus-kun from Waku Waku 7. This man also appears in the Under the Bridge and Meridian Area Rapid Transit stages.
  • Jen Zee, art director of Bastion, is featured in the background amongst a crowd of other acquaintences of Alex Ahad. She can be seen next to Bastion's Cael Hammer and the Squirt enemy.
  • The horned woman holding a fan in the background is an original character made by Brian Jun, the palette creator at Lab Zero.
  • The MadMan's Cafe is a double reference. It is named after a game news site, MMCafe as well as bearing a striking resemblance to Edward Hopper's painting Nighthawks. It appears at the beginning of Filia's story mode.
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