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Voice Actor

Chris C. Smith (English)

Naoki Tatsuta (Japanese)

Stanley Whitefin (JP: スタンレー・ホワイトフィン) is a Dagonian scientist but prefers to fade into the background at work, not that he is always successful. Stanley originally helped develop weapons in the now disfunctional Lab 4, but following the surprise attack on Lab 8 it became clear the ASG needs all the (fish)power it could afford. He brings his previous inventions out of storage to fight alongside the soldiers, because the ASG Labs know better than to have a shark without a frickin’ laser beam...

Playstyle SpeculationEdit

Uses a variety of shark-themed attacks and high-tech weaponry. Shark Dive! Shark Knuckle! Science Upper! FEEDING FRENZY! Be sure to check your work.

In addition to shark themed attacks such as biting, diving, lunges, and even under-the-earth dives, Stanley would have a surprisingly solid boxing stance. He’s something of a sports nerd; a fan of boxing and hockey. He’d also use his advanced ASG arsenal from his Lab 4 days to his advantage. This could include various laser guns, missiles, or something akin to Iron Man’s Proton Cannon or Megaman's playstyle as well. He may even have laser skates or...a jetpack! He also can be seen using what appeared to be two machine guns/tommy guns/pistols/idk just firearms in Robo-Fortune ending.

Gameplay InspirationEdit

  • Captain Kidd (World Heroes 2)
  • Street Sharks
  • Slayer (Guilty Gear XX #Reload)
  • Richard Feynman (physics!)
  • Iron Man (Marvel vs. Capcom series)
  • Cyclops (Marvel vs. Capcom series)


  • Stanley was the seventh possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $140,000.
  • Peacock views him as a talking anvil with sharp teeth and created Andy Anvil in his image.
  • He is incapable of walking backwards in the same way regular sharks can only move forward in order to push water into their gills.
  • Stanley can be seen in the background of Lab 8 talking to a scientist. He also appears in the background of the Under the Bridge stage as a panicked spectator.
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