No. Name Theme Credits
1 Pedestrians Crossing Main Menu Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty
2 Echoes Vincent Diamante
3 The Legend of the Skull Heart Opening Theme Michiru Yamane & Vincent Diamante, vocals by Kahori Yamane
4 Pick of the Litter Character Select Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty
5 In Rapid Succession No Man's Land Vincent Diamante
6 Whiling the Hours Away Vincent Diamante
7 Them's Fighting Words Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty
8 An Uncertain Fate Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty
9 Shenanigans and Goings-Ons Vincent Diamante
10 Forgotten Moments Vincent Diamante
11 A Roll of the Dice Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty
12 Fugue in Three Goddesses Vincent Diamante
13 The Catacombs Below Vincent Diamante
14 Dire Machinations Vincent Diamante
15 Her True Power Revealed Vincent Diamante
16 Daybreak Vincent Diamante
17 A Return to Normalcy Vincent Diamante
18 The Lives We Tried to Reclaim Vincent Diamante
19 Moonlit Melee[cutscene] Michiru Yamane
20 The Seat of Power[cutscene] Michiru Yamane
21 The Fish Man's Dance[cutscence] Michiru Yamane
22 Clueless Trip ???
23 Learning One's Craft Class Notes Michiru Yamane
24 Moonlit Melee Streets of New Meridian Michiru Yamane
25 The Seat of Power Medici Tower Michiru Yamane
26 Paved With Good Intentions Lab 8 Michiru Yamane
27 The Fish Man's Dance Little Innsmouth Michiru Yamane
28 The Lives We Left Behind Maplecrest Michiru Yamane
29 Dirge of the Divine Trinity Grand Cathedral Michiru Yamane
30 Skull Heart Arrhythmia Final Atrium Michiru Yamane
31 In a Moment's Time Credits Theme (Eng.) Michiru Yamane, vocals by Geila Zilkha
32 Hitomi No Kioku Credits Theme (Jap.) Michiru Yamane, vocals by Geila Zilkha
33 Clear Breeze New Meridian Rooftops Michiru Yamane
34 Destiny in Her Hands Rooftops Assault Michiru Yamane, vocals by Paul Kwo
35 Where Money Flows Like Water River King Casino Michiru Yamane
36 Unfinished Business Under the Bridge Michiru Yamane
37 Royal Canopy Waltz Glass Canopy Vincent Diamante
38 An Oasis In Time Bath of Tefnut Michiru Yamane
39 The Dreams We Left Behind Nightmare Crest Vincent Diamante
40 Chamber Below Gehenna Michiru Yamane
41 The Crowd Goes Wild NMO Arena Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty
42 The Crowd Goes Home NMO Arena (Empty) Brenton Kossak & Blaine McGurty
43 An Oasis of Blood Bath of Sekhmet Michiru Yamane
44 Going Nowhere Fast Meridian Area Rapid Transit Michiru Yamane
ArtGallery Soundtrack

The soundtrack as it appears in the Art Gallery

Unused Tracks
No. Name Theme Credits
1 Schmeebop Used in Fukua's reveal Trailer Blaine McGurty
2 Disco Ballz Blaine McGurty


  • 'Clueless Trip' and the [cutscene] versions of 'Moonlit Melee', 'The Seat of Power' and 'The Fish Man's Dance' are the only non-DLC tracks that were not included in the Skullgirls Original Soundtrack.
    • 'Clueless Trip' was played during Cerebella's Story Mode, and was most likely not included in the album due to the track being very simple.
  • 'Royal Canopy Waltz', 'The Dreams We Left Behind', 'The Crowd Goes Wild' and 'The Crowd Goes Home' are the only stage themes not to be composed by Michiru Yamane.
    • 'Bath of Sekhmet' and 'NMO Arena (Empty)' are the only stage variants in the game to have unique music.
    • It should be noted however that 'Bath of Sekhmet' used to use the same stage music as 'Bath of Tefnut' until the April 17, 2015 patch update.
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