Eliza and Sekhmet
Gender: Female
Age: Secret
Likes: The blood, Eliza
Voice Actor: Wendee Lee (English)
Kujira (Japanese)

Sekhmet (JP: セクメト) is Eliza's Parasite. She replaces Eliza's skeleton and allows her host to absorb the blood of others to remain eternally youthful, as well as manipulate her own cells (in the appearance of blood) to use as a weapon. While she and Eliza appear to have mostly combined into one personality over the years, during combat Sekhmet seems to be more vicious and sadistic.

Although there is a stigma against people with Parasites, this is not a problem for this duo as Sekhmet is typically hidden inside Eliza herself.


  • Sekhmet is inspired by the Egyptian goddess of the same name.
  • Sekhmet is voiced by Wendee Lee, who is recognized as the voice actress of Faye Valentine from the Cowboy Bebop anime series who serves as the inspiration for one of her host's color palettes.
  • Due to being inspired by a cat goddess, she bears two bits on her head that represent cat ears. This also goes well with her host who has a love for cats.
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