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Scythana (JP: サイサナ) is a non-playable character in Skullgirls. She was originally a possible DLC character, and as such, the story below and any other info may be outdated information that is not carried on into the actual game.


Given the Gigans’ notorious reputation for being battle-hungry, berserker giants and their nation’s bloody history with the Canopy Kingdom, few were surprised when a criminal of Gigan blood attacked the Renoir Grand War Memorial. But while Scythana may have a record, she's no terrorist. With her employer refusing to tell her side of the story, she decided to regain her freedom by force.


Scythana cameos in the beginning of Parasoul's story, where her attack on the Renoir Grand War Memorial and subsequent capture are discussed in a news report. Parasoul and Umbrella are seen visiting the prison compound where Scythana and her fellow criminals are imprisoned.

Playstyle SpeculationEdit

Would probably pick up fallen opponents (or teammates) and hit people with ‘em! Aside from being obviously gigantic, her limbs can stretch and expand during attacks for additional reach. Her Gigan heritage becomes more pronounced during certain animations, with her body taking more monstrous form. The chains around her arms remain intact, however, so she can use them to block, grab, and attack. She is especially adept at vicious kicks, like a more raw and beastly kickboxer or Tae Kwon Do character.

Gameplay InspirationEdit

  • Juggernaut (X-Men: Children of the Atom)
  • Colossus (X-Men: Children of the Atom)
  • Boris (Violent Storm)
  • the Kims (King of Fighters series)
  • Dean (Final Fight 3)
  • Mike Haggar / Cody (Final Fight series / Street Fighter series)


Main article: Scythana/Gallery


  • Scythana was the twenty third possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $460,000.
  • It seems likely she may have been imprisoned while working for Isaac. It is stated in his wiki page that he wouldn't tell his imprisoned assistant what really happened to protect her. That fits with Scythana's story.
  • Her handcuffs are magic and cannot be broken, even wth her immense strength.
  • Scythana is only half Gigan on her mother's side.
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