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Sagan (JP: セーガン) is Annie's remote Parasite. He resembles a stuffed rabbit, and stores Annie's right eye inside of his mouth. He is capable of enhancing Annie's powers, replicating her swords, carrying a large amount of people as a sack and can be ridden as a flying scooter, with handlebar-like ears.

Character Basis

Alex Ahad originally made Sagan and Annie for a shirt design meant for University of California, Los Angeles's Japanese Animation Club.[1]


Sagan's name was originally "Stan", but this was changed because it bared some similarities to Sam & Max.[1] Given Annie's "Star" theme, Sagan's name may possibly be a reference to American astronomer Carl Sagan, most famous for his "Pale Blue Dot" speech.


Sagan isn't often seen speaking, and he is usually heard speaking in growls. Whenever he chooses to speak, it surprises anyone who isn't familiar with him doing so. Sagan is also shown to be very expressive in fights. An example of this would be him sticking his tongue out mockingly during the tag-out animation, shedding a tear during a whiffed grab, flailing frantically when using a grounded Push Block and generally being in sync with Annie's movements.




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