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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (possibly 30-35)
Likes: Lawrence, Causing trouble, Women (especially younger women)
Dislikes: Being beaten up by hair or a decapitated body, Being rejected
Voiced by: Kyle Hebert

Riccardo (JP: リカルド) is a minor character who briefly appears in Skullgirls. He is depicted as expressing romantic interest towards late adolescents such as Filia and Minette.

Appearances in the story

Filia's story

While Filia is drinking a milkshake at the MadMan's Café, Riccardo can be seen looking at her from across the counter. He was shown with his arm around another woman at the Café. Riccardo approaches Filia, offering to buy her a "real" drink, placing one hand on her face and the other on her thigh. Samson (who was being hidden with Filia's hat) tells Riccardo that Filia already has a drink. Aside from commenting that Filia's voice is unusually deep, Riccardo attempts to ignore the dismissal.

After being ignored, Samson emerges from beneath Filia's hat and attacks Riccardo. What happened to Riccardo after the attack is unknown.

Ms. Fortune's story

Riccardo appears in Ms. Fortune's story as well. Riccardo is shown at Yu Wan's restaurant talking with Lawrence about the Skullgirl going after a lot of the mob families in Maplecrest. Lawrence goes on to comment that the Skullgirl "has a bone to pick" with their boss and questions his current whereabouts as well as some kind of sickness.

The two men see Minette and it is revealed that they were sent to find her. Lawrence calls her under the guise of requesting table service. Once Minette arrives, Riccardo compliments her as being "quite the dish". He immediately demands free drinks, and for the three of them to "go out and hit the town". Minette tries to decline, after which Lawrence provides a backhanded remark that she is "cute ... for a stinking gill-girl". Ms. Fortune appears and requests that Lawrence and Riccardo leave. After a brief altercation, Ms. Fortune forces Riccardo and Lawrence to leave.


  • The older woman Riccardo was sitting with before he noticed Filia looks similar to Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters games. She was even holding a Japanese hand fan which is an item that Mai uses as a weapon.
  • It is implicitly stated that Riccardo and his colleague Lawrence are members of the Medici mob. It is also implied that it was Vitale who ordered Riccardo and Lawrence to find Minette.
  • "Riccardo" is a Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian cognate of the English male name "Richard".
  • Riccardo and his friend Lawrence can be seen following Minette in the background of the River King Casino stage.
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