20130307001541-DLC Regina
Cirque des Cartes
Gender: Female

Regina (JP: レジーナ) is the domineering beast tamer at the Cirque des Cartes, she commands a wide range of creatures including several outlandish specimens. She derives no pleasure from her cruelty as it is simply in her cold nature to control others by any means necessary as she does indeed deeply care about her fellow performers. The troupe ultimately answers to Regina, not the ringleader.

In Cerebella's origin story in Skullgirls Mobile, Regina is tasked by Black Dahlia to provide and test candidates in the circus for a Medici mission.

Playstyle SpeculationEdit

Using an array of monstrous beasts, Regina can have various types of attacks that come from off screen, or from animals standing next to her. She can command her minions to attack in various ways while she herself applies additional pressure.

She is also incredibly fast with her crop, able to strike with minimal start-up, similar to quickdraw sword characters in other fighting games such as Johnny or Hibiki.

Gameplay InspirationEdit


  • Regina was the sixteenth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $320,000.
  • In Cerebella's story mode Regina is blond, when she was nominated as a possible future DLC character she underwent a redesign and her hair color was changed to purple.
  • Regina's symbol is the 'Queen.' This can be attributed to the fact she is the real leader of the performers.
  • The beasts she commands are all hybrids of real world animals.
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