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Skullgirls Encore - Soviet Announcer Voice Reel

The voice of the Real Soviet Announcer is provided by Mike Zaimont.

This is an alternate voice packs available to use in place of the standard voice. These voice packs use different quotes and are provided by different voice actors. More alternate voice packs for the Announcer include:

Character Selected

  • Школьница! (When player selects Filia)

            Shkol'nitsa!    lit. 'Schoolgirl'

  • Акробат! (when player selects Cerebella)

            Akrobat!    lit. 'Acrobat'

  • American cartoon! (when player selects Peacock)
  • Капитан Пронин! (when player selects Peacock) (occurs randomly)

            Kapitan Pronin!    lit. 'Captain Pronin'

  • Царица! (when player selects Parasoul)

            Tsaritsa!    lit. 'Wife of Tsar' (Queen)

            Koshka!    lit. 'Female cat'

            Similar sounding word to страшный Strashnyy    lit. 'Frightful'

  • Медсестра! (When player selects Valentine)

            Medsestra!     lit. 'Nurse'

  • Борщ! (When player selects Double)


  • Труп! (When player selects Squigly)

            Trup!    lit: 'Corpse'

  • Человек-оркестр! (When player selects Big Band)

            Chelovek-orkestr!    lit. 'One-man-band'

  • Имитация! (When player selects Fukua)

            Imitatsiya!    lit. 'Imitation'

  • The other one! (When player selects Fukua) (occurs randomly)
  • Убийца! (When player selects Eliza)

            Ubiytsa!     lit. 'Killer'

  • Камрад Волк! (When player selects Beowulf)

            Kamrad Volk!    lit. 'Comrade Wolf'

            lit. 'Robot!'

  • Marie! (when player selects Marie) (Unused)

Pre-round Introduction

  • Win, for Siberia is waiting!
  • Win gold, for Mother Russia!
  • Be strong, like ox!
  • There's no shame in losing!
  • Prepare for glorious battle!
  • Who will be the tzar tonight?!
  • Do not blink!
  • Do not fail me.
  • Ready for punching?!
  • There's much shame in losing!
  • Cheat to win!
  • Time to wrestle like bear!
  • Gentlemen and ladies, it's...
  • First! (Take 1)
  • Second! (Take 2)
  • After second! (Take 3)
    • Time to fight!
    • Break them!
    • Crush them!
    • GO!


  • Aww, keep going! We just at good part! (Paused)
  • Time out, like American Football? (Paused)
  • Wait! (Paused)
  • Hold on, pierogies here. (Paused)
  • Back to action! (Unpaused)
  • YES! (Unpaused)
  • 時よ止まれ。(Paused)
    • Toki yo tomare. lit. "Time, stop."
  • そして、時は動き出す。(Unpaused)
    • Soshite, toki wa ugokidasu. lit. "And now, time flows again."


  • OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! (Most victories)
  • You're winner! (Most victories)
  • It's over. (Most victories)
  • Done! (Most victories)
  • EXCELLENT! (Hit on All Sixes!)
  • That was... not so good. (Barely!)


  • Yeeeees... let robot think it is superior.
  • Next time... is better, yes?
  • Come on, Kasparov!
  • You should play on Sleepwalk... maybe.
  • Both are worst! (Equally Mismatched!)
  • Hmmmmph! I bet EVERYTHING on you! (Equally Mismatched!)

Round end

  • Player One is best! (Player 1 victory)
  • Player Two is best! (Player 2 victory)
  • A winner is you! (Most victories)
  • Clap for sad loser! (Most victories)
  • We're done here! (Most victories)
  • Now, message from Propaganda minister! (Most victories)
  • You make country proud. (Hit on All Sixes!)
  • Is okay... I do better. (Hit on All Sixes!)
  • You're fighting MACHIIIIIIIIINE!! (Glorious!)
  • That's real Soviet damage! (Glorious!)
  • You get bronze. (Forgettable! or Barely!)
  • Are you crying?! THERE'S NO CRYING IN FIGHTING GAMES! (Forgettable! or Barely!)
  • okay. You get them next time. (Forgettable! or Barely!)
  • Большой победа!

            Bol'shoy pobeda!     lit. 'Great victory!'


  • 'Captain Pronin' is the titular character of the 4-episode cartoon series of the same name. The cartoon was made in post-Soviet Russia in the early nineties as a parody of American action movies.
  • 'Comrade wolf' is a reference to the Russian idiom "Тамбовский волк тебе товарищ" (Tambovsky volk tebe tovarisch), meaning "A Tambov wolf is your comrade". The phrase was used as a sarcastic reply in Soviet times to show that they didn't want to be associated with the person offering comradery with them.
  • The lines "Toki yo tomare" when pausing and "Soshite, toki wa ugokidasu" when unpausing the game is a reference to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure antagonist DIO and his ability to temporarily stop time with his stand The World, with him voicing the 'commands' to stop or start time. These lines are also in Japanese instead of Russian.
  • 'Bol'shoy pobeda!' is also a victory line used by Zangief in Street Fighter IV.
  • "You're winner!" is a reference to the winning screen in Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing.
  • "A winner is you" is a reference to the incorrectly translated victory message of the NES game "Pro Wrestling".


  • "You should play on Sleepwalk... maybe." is still spoken even when the game's difficulty is actually set to Sleepwalk.


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