Skullgirls Republican Double Politician Double

Skullgirls Republican Double Politician Double

Being Selected Edit

  • Your sins will have NO absolution!

Pre-Round Introduction Edit

  • Vote for me... when you're old enough. (vs Filia)
  • That certainly isn't concealed carry! (vs. Cerebella)
  • You're a disgrace to the force! (vs Big Band)
  • It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Chair! (vs Beowulf)
  • You don't look like you need to be on medicare. (vs. Eliza)
  • If elected, I'll build more orphanages! (vs. Peacock)
  • It's a two party system! You'll have to vote for one of us. (vs. Double)
  • Thank you for your family's donation to my campaign! (vs. Parasoul)
  • Unlike my opponent here, I endorse pun control! (vs. Ms Fortune)
  • You're stealing jobs from regular catgirls! (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • You can't treat people! That's outrageous! (vs. Valentine)
  • If you can't pay taxes, you're better off dead! (vs. Squigly)
  • I support clone suffrage! (vs. Fukua)
  • Only one thing more certain than taxes, death!
  • Ain't no party like a grand old party!
  • This is what we call "intense interrogation"!
  • A vote for me is a vote for freedom!
  • I fight for this great nation!
  • Time to begin the smear campaign!


  • Apple pie! (s.MP)
  • Unilateral! (Grab)
  • Come on, Dear! (Grab)
  • Free market! (s.HK)
  • Privatize! (s.HP)
  • Cross the aisle! (s.HP)
  • Left wing! (j.HP)
  • Right wing! (j.HK)
  • Never forget! (j.HK)
  • Red state! (j.MK)
  • Blue state! (j.MK)
  • Entitlement! (Hornet Bomber L)
  • It's my right! (Hornet Bomber M)
  • Full employment! (Hornet Bomber M)
  • It's my freedom! (Hornet Bomber H)
  • Zero tolerance! (Hornet Bomber H)
  • Second amendment! (Luger Replica L)
  • Open carry! (Luger Replica M)
  • Control this! (Luger Replica H)
  • Bear arms! (Luger Replica L/M/H)
  • Landslide! (Cilia Slide)
  • Loose Land! (Cilia Slide)
  • Slippery Slope! (Cilia Slide)
  • Tea party! (Item Crash L)
  • I protest! (Item Crash L)
  • Black gold! (Item Crash M)
  • Big oil! (Item Crash M)
  • 'murica made! (Item Crash H)
  • Durable goods! (Item Crash H)
  • Republican caaaar! (Bandwagon Rushdown)
  • Reckless endangerment! (Bandwagon Rushdown)
  • United we stand! (Catellite Lives)
  • Right to assemble! (Cattelite Lives)
  • Military spendin'! (Nightmare Legion startup)
  • Not in my country! (Nightmare Legion startup)
    • 'MURICA! (Nightmare Legion end)
  • Hyper inflation! (Megalith Array)
  • Mount Rushmore! (Megalith Array)
    • Shoot the core! (during Megalith Array)
  • Shut up! Cut the mic! (Burst)
  • Swing state! (Air grab)
  • My airspace! (Air grab)
  • Get a job! (False Intentions [Taunt])
  • Bleedin' hearts! (False Intensions [Taunt])


  • Beowulf! (Tagging out with Beowulf)
  • Term limit! (Tagging out)
  • Vote for me! (Tagging out)
  • No comment! (Tagging out)
  • Big Band! (Tagging out with Big Band)
  • Serve and protect... ME! (Tagging out with Big Band)
  • Cerebella! (Tagging out with Cerebella)
  • Arms race! (Tagging out with Cerebella)
  • Eliza! (Tagging out with Eliza)
  • Ms. Fortune! (Tagging out with Ms. Fortune)
  • Filia (Tagging out with Filia)
  • Fillibuster! (Tagging out with Filia)
  • Fukua! (Tagging out with Fukua)
  • Parasoul! (Tagging out with Parasoul)
  • Painwheel! (Tagging out with Painwheel)
  • Peacock! (Tagging out with Peacock)
  • Robo-Fortune! (Tagging out with Robo-Fortune)
  • Shock and awe! (Tagging out with Robo-Fortune)
  • Squigly! (Tagging out with Squigly)
  • Valentine! (Tagging out with Valentine)
  • QUACK! (Tagging out with Valentine)
  • Four more years! (Tagging in)
  • We doing it live! (Tagging in)
  • Your tax dollars at work! (Tagging in)
  • Your term is up! (Outtake)
  • Impeachment! (Outtake)


  • You'll never work in this town again!
  • These colors don't run!
  • Your life was fair and balanced! (vs. Painwheel)
  • Cocktails are no better than the scum they serve! (vs. Cerebella)
  • There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat... a better offense.
  • Get back to me when you're military aged. (vs. Peacock)
  • Fool me twice... uh, won't get fooled again! (vs. Double)
  • Injured veterans have earned or tax dollars (vs. Parasoul)
  • I am above the law! (vs. Big Band)
  • I've been looking for a new head of security! (vs. Beowulf)
  • This is why I buy American! (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • I did not have pugilistic relations with that woman. (vs. Valentine)
  • Stay in school! (vs. Filia)
  • Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered! (vs. Ms. Fortune)
  • This is why I always buy American! (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • Rich people truly never die! (vs. Squigly)
  • Great Skullgirl or greatest Skullgirl? (vs. Marie)


  • Lost the votes!
  • My Consituents!
  • RE... COUNT!
  • My opponent ran a great campaign!
  • Malpractice! (Vs. Valentine)
  • Public school brat! (vs. Filia)


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