"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."- Peacock (Untouchable)

Peacock (Untouchable) is classified as a Water-type fighter and her role is classified as "Survival".

Signature AbilityEdit

Peacock (Untouchable)'s signature ability is Bulletproof

  • 5% chance on getting HIT to avoid all damage (also applies while blocking).
  • Also gain UNFLINCHING for 4 seconds.


  • The flavour text of this fighter card is a reference to a scene from the film The Godfather
  • The scene in question is when Mafia henchman Rocco kills Paluie by shooting him in the head. When Rocco is about to get out of the car the other Mafia henchman, Clemenza,  remarks. "Leave the gun- take the cannoli."
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