Pea sLP
Peacock literally pokes her opponent. Can be chained twice.
Stuff 'n Puff
Pea cLP
Peacock brands her opponent with her cigar, then takes a drag and blows smoke in their face. Chains twice.
Hammer for the Worms
Pea jLP
Peacock swings a mallet in front of her, then returns it to the convenience of her eye socket.
Pie Splat
Pea sMP
Peacock gives her opponent a taste of coconut whipped-cream pie.
The Eyes of Tomorrow
Pea cMP
Peacock's Eyes of Argus thrust forward like daggers.
The Bear Trap of Sevelle
Pea jMP
Peacock spits out her metal jaws.
Screwball Cannon
Pea sHP
Peacock swings a heavy portable cannon in front of her. Her cigar lights the fuse for the cannon, which subsequently fires off a cannonball. If she is close range to the opponent, the swing of the cannon counts as an additional hit.
Red Hot Buckshot
Peacock politely tips her hat, revealing Avery underneath, who not-so-politely empties a shotgun in front of Peacock.
Robo with a Shotgun
Pea jHP
Peacock pulls out a shotgun and fires in front of her, sending her and any opponents caught in the buckshot flying backwards.
Pop Eye
Pea sLK
Peacock pushes one of her Eyes of Argus and jabs her opponent.
Curb Your Shoe
Avery appears under Peacock's hat and kicks forward with Kuribo's Shoe.
How to Handle a Chainsaw
Pea jLK
Peacock takes off her hat, revealing Avery who attacks with a chainsaw. Chains thrice.
Springboard Panic
Pea sMK
Peacock stomps the floor, loosening a floorboard that launches her opponent with a gloved fist.
Ant Wasted
Pea cMK
Peacock spies a tiny ant scurrying on the ground, and wastes no time frying it with one of her Eyes of Argus. The ant can and will be spared if attack is canceled in time. The ant will scurry along the ground across the entire stage.
Nice Booby Trap
Pea jMK
Pea Blargh
Peacock pulls her hat down over her head and shoves her face through a portable hole. Her face appears at a variable distance from the floor in front of her, striking middle. This move will interrupt momentum and cause a small float effect during the animation. Peacock's face will always appear below her opponent, up to a surprising maximum distance.
Kick the Football, Peacock!
Pea sHK
Avery appears in front of Peacock with a football on his head. Peacock attempts to kick the football, only to have Avery pull it away at the last moment, causing Peacock's foot to instead slam into the next closest thing.
Banjo Trouble
Pea cHK
Peacock plays a wicked banjo solo and goes into a knee slide, bringing her opponent to their knees in awe.
Buzzin' Buzzard
Pea jHK
Avery Projectile
Peacock boots Avery out of her hat, who starts to wildly brandish knives around him until he hits the ground. If Peacock is in close range to her opponent, the kick will count as an additional hit. While active, Avery acts as a 2 hit projectile. Attack immediately halts all forward momentum for Peacock and her opponent (if hit is successful).

Normal Throws

Burlap Beatdown
Pea Throw 1
Pea Throw 2
Ground throw. Peacock throws the opponent in a burlap sack and proceeds to stomp on them, with the last hit freeing the opponent.
(In air) LPLK
Big Ball of Violence
Pea Air Throw 1
Pea Air Throw 2
Air throw. Peacock pulls the opponent into a cartoon smoke bubble and beats them up.


George's Day Out
Pea George Throw
George's Day Out
Peacock tosses a George bomb that waddles across the screen at slow speed.
Boxcar George
George Summon 1
George Cart
Peacock points at her opponent as a George bomb in a tiny car comes from behind her and races across the screen at medium speed.
George at the Air Show
George Summon 2
Air George
Peacock engages in Semaphore as a George bomb in a tiny airplane flies in from the top of the screen behind her. The plane flies in a downward arc, crashing to the ground just before the opposite edge of the screen.
The Hole Idea
Pea Special 5
Peacock falls down into a portable hole, popping back up in a location dependent on the K button used. LK teleports Peacock half the distance between her and her opponent. MK teleports her directly in front of the opponent, and HK teleports directly behind the opponent.
QCB + K ~ P (hold)
Fire in the Hole!
Peacock feigns her Hole Idea move, instead pops right back where she was standing and drops a George bomb on her opponent's position.
LK, HK, MP, MP, 8
Hi Hi Birdie
Peacock Taunt
Peacock's taunt. Peacock taunts her opponent by taking her hat off, revealing Avery on her head who also takes his hat off, with the insect on his head taking its hat off as well. Using a fully charged Shadow of Impending Doom after performing a taunt will result in dropping a Tenrai Ha instead of a standard Level 3 object.
Pea Special 1
Hit Invincible. Peacock shoots a mostly harmless flag from her revolver. Attack causes Stagger to grounded enemies.
Pea Special 2

Pea Sword 2Pea Sword 3
Pea Sword 4Pea Sword 5

Throw Invincible. Peacock shoots a mostly harmful blade from her revolver. Has large hitbox, knocks back enemy.
Pea Special 3
Peacock pulls out her revolver and shoots the opponent. Can be chained three times.
Shadow of Impending Doom
Pea Special 4
A random object drops down from the sky and hits the opponent in an overhead attack. LP drops the object at a set distance from Peacock. MP drops the object at the same distance as LP, but will track the opponent if it locks on. HP drops the object at least half a screen away from Peacock, but will lock on to the opponent at any distance farther away than half screen. Holding down the punch button charges the attack; Level 2 deals twice as much damage and is reached after two seconds, Level 3 deals twice as much damage as Level 2 and is reached after three additional seconds. If a taught is used prior to inputting a fully charged Shadow of Impending Doom the object dropped will be a Tenrai Ha instead of a standard Level 3 object. Any number of moves (including the use of Level 1 and Level 2 Shadow of Impending Doom object drops) can be used prior without negating the effect of the Tenrai Ha summon. After dropping a Tenrai Ha another cannot be summoned afterwards unless you taught again.
Possible drops for Shadow of Impending Doom

Team Moves

Pop Goes the Weasel
Tag In.
Who's On Next?
Pea Outtake
Outtake. Peacock hits the opponent with a spiked baseball bat.


Argus Agony
Argus Laser
Argus Avery
Level 1 Blockbuster. Peacock fires a continuous laser beam from her hat, then fires individual laser bolts from her Eyes of Argus. Laser beam penetrates all objects. Maximum of 30 hits possible (6 hits from beam, 24 maximum hits from bolts).
Lonesome Lenny
Level 1 Blockbuster. Peacock plants an enormous Lenny bomb. Lenny's fuse lasts 5 seconds, which can be shortened by attacking it. Lenny will also detonate immediately after Peacock exits Argus Agony, if he was hit by the laser during the attack. Detonates in a large area, causing large chip damage on block.
Goodfellas 2
Thumbs Up
Level 3 Blockbuster. Peacock shoves her opponent into a burlap sack, then calls her buddies to stomp down on them in unison. A small George bomb joins in and beats down on the sack with a baseball bat before Peacock flicks away a spent cigar at the George bomb, blowing up the sack in a great explosion. Very high damage, even without multiplier. Deals 32 hits (24 in stompfest, 7 from George bat, 1 in George explosion).

General StrategiesEdit

Fighting as PeacockEdit

  • Powerful and numerous ranged attacks
  • Bang! and BANG! provide great assists
  • Very mobile
  • Damaging Blockbusters
  • Good tag-in attack
  • Grab has good range and knocks back opponents
  • Can easily confuse/frustrate opponents

Always maintain range, always. Peacock's vast arsenal of ranged attacks make her impossible to match at range (save for a player well-versed in Cerebella's Diamond Deflector). Whenever the opponent gets too close to use ranged attacks, use Bang! to stagger them, use BANG! to sweep them off their feet, or call an assist (when available).

Shadow of Impending Doom (SID) is more useful for stunning enemies and less about actually dealing damage; rarely will a player ever get a chance to drop a Level 3 SID. When an opponent has closed in on Peacock, she could quickly tap SID MP to immediately drop an object and stun them, then use BANG! to send them back to range. SID HP could be used to discourage air dashes that could quickly close the gap between the opponent and Peacock, thus keep them at range. SID is the perfect anti-air attack, briefly disrupting the opponent's momentum without having Peacock risk health trying to send them backwards with j.HP. An expert Peacock player could even start a SID HP and Argus Agony a split second later so the end of Argus Agony coincides with a Level 3 SID, allowing much more damage to be dealt and even lead to a second Argus Agony right after the SID.

The Hole Idea is quite possibly the most useful and most annoying Special in Peacock's armory. Just when an opponent closes the gap between them, Peacock could Hole Idea (HK) behind them, throw them into a burlap sack, then stun them long enough to allow Peacock to retreat and regain her range advantage. Damage from Blockbusters could be avoided entirely through judicious use of the Hole Idea; certain misplaced Blockbusters can even leave foes vulnerable to a grab from behind (i.e. Checkmate Incision, Argus Agony).

You can string Lonesome Lenny and Argus Agony together to create huge damage as a standalone action or during a combo. Using Argus Agony almost immediately after Lonesome Lenny will cause him to get pushed across the screen, essentially trapping the opponent alongside a fixed screen guaranteeing the Lonesome Lenny will make full contact.

It is imperative that any players who use Peacock learn how to use Goodfellas. The ludicrous damage output outweighs almost all (if not all) other Tension 3 Blockbusters, and can easily spell doom to teams of any size.

Fighting against PeacockEdit

  • Situational Blockbusters
    • Argus Agony is easily anticipated and blocked; cannot strike opponents who are airborne or behind Peacock.
      • Against another Peacock, Hole Idea HK could be used after the beam attack to gain an attack advantage
      • Against Cerebella, Diamond Deflector could be used after (or even before) the beam attack to stagger the enemy Peacock
    • Lonesome Lenny could horribly backfire and damage both Peacock and any called in assists
    • Goodfellas is difficult to pull off, especially in high-lag gameplay
  • Fancy hat provides a larger hitbox
  • Specials and Blockbusters do not work in the air
  • Sub-par air and anti-air attacks
  • Tag-in attack leaves Peacock vulnerable when blocked
  • Attacks have very small vertical hitboxes
  • Near unusable in high-lag gameplay

A good way of dodging most of Peacock's attacks is by jumping; by doing so, the only attacks that can still hit are Shadow of Impending Doom and George at the Air Show, both of which require time to summon and have a chance to miss. 

Approaching Peacock is the worst part of facing her. Each player is different with their attacks at range; some prefer using BANG! BANG! BANG!, others prefer Shadow of Impending Doom. After figuring out their M.O., their attack patterns become easily discernable, thus easier to avoid. Rushdown characters such as Filia and Ms. Fortune are preferable because they not only have the appropriate mobility to avoid most projectiles, but will also be able to top Peacock at close range, a domain Peacock isn't as skilled in.

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