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The voice of Parasoul is provided by Erin Fitzgerald.

The various Egret Soldiers are voiced by:
  1. Kaiji Tang (under pseudonym "Juicey Flannigan")
  2. Bobby Thong
  3. Erik Scott Kimerer
  4. Jason Wishnov

There is an alternate Voice Pack available for this character to use in place of the standard voice. This voice pack uses different quotes but are provided by the same voice actors:

  • Salty Parasoul

Being Selected

  • Egrets, get ready!

Pre-round Introduction

  • This ends... NOW.
  • Target confirmed.
  • Egrets, dispatch.
  • Engarde.
  • For my kingdom.
  • After you, Krieg.
  • Back to school with you... girl. (vs. Filia)
  • I've got a message for your boss. (vs. Cerebella)
  • Let's test your abilities. (vs. Peacock)
  • You're under arrest. Come peacefully. (vs. Ms. Fortune)
  • You poor girl... I never authorized this. (vs. Painwheel)
  • I'll show you how we deal with traitors. (vs. Valentine)
  • What sort of nightmare is this? (vs. Double)
  • I have no time for the arts. (vs. Squigly)
  • Vigilante justice is unneccessary. (vs. Big Band)
  • The ASG labs have a lot to answer for, Birdland. (vs. Big Band)
  • Egrets, keep your guard up! (vs. Eliza)
  • You're in over your head. (vs. Beowulf)
  • Who would make such a thing and why?! (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • What is with our country and rogue projects?! (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • Let go of Hungern, sis. (vs. Umbrella) (Unused)


  • Arc de feu! (s.HP)
  • Spiral Flare. (B+j.LK)
  • Touché. (B+s.HK)
  • Ready, Number 13. (Silent Scope)
  • Take the shot! (Silent Scope)
  • Napalm Shot! (Napalm Shot)
  • Cry. (Any Napalm attack)
  • Cry, Krieg. (Any Napalm attack)
  • Krieg, detonate! (Napalm Trigger)
  • Napalm Pillar! (Napalm Pillar)
  • Emulate. (Napalm Pillar)
  • Charge! (Egret Charge)
  • Not now! (Egret Call)
  • Clear the way! (Egret Charge)
  • Take the shot! (Silent Scope)
  • Ready, Number 13! (Silent Scope)
  • Take the shot, Juju! (Silent Scope) (Removed after Juju was retconned from the Skullgirls continuity)
  • Egrets, roll out! (Motor Brigade)
  • Black Egrets... charge! (Motor Brigade)
  • One million troops! [Sigh] Budget cuts... (Motor Brigade)
  • Egrets, assemble! (Inferno Brigade)
  • Weapons free. (Inferno Brigade)
  • Voilà! (Blocking)
  • Parry! (Blocking)
  • Immobilized! (Throw)
  • Up you go! (Air throw)
  • How dare you! (Escaping a grab)
  • Weak. (Escaping a grab)


  • Cover me! (Switching out)
  • Your turn. (Switching out)
  • Withdraw! (Switching out)
  • Front and center! (Switching out with Filia)
  • This doesn't make us friends. (Switching out with Valentine)
  • Come, demon! (Switching out with Double)
  • Ben! (Switching out with Big Band)
  • Careful, sis... (Switching out with Umbrella) (Unused)
  • A tactical retreat. (Switching in)
  • It's about time. (Switching in)
  • Egrets, get ready! (Switching in)
  • We're up, Krieg. (Switching in)
  • It's naptime, sis. (Switching in with Umbrella) (Unused)
  • Get out. (Outtake)
  • Begone! (Outtake)


  • I was careless... (Ground recovery)
  • It's too much... (Ground recovery)
  • I won't fail! (Ground recovery)
  • Don't get cocky. (Ground recovery)
  • Not... possible... (Ground recovery)
  • Cheap shot... (Ground recovery)
  • Quiet! (Opponent recovery)
  • I've trained the best. (Opponent recovery)
  • No mercy. (Opponent recovery)
  • No quarter. (Opponent recovery)
  • That's nothing. (Opponent recovery)
  • Just surrender. (Opponent recovery)


  • Egrets, stand down.
  • You've fought well.
  • You've wasted my time.
  • You pose no threat.
  • Good job, men.
  • A decisive victory.
  • Threat neutralized. (vs Filia)
  • Your boss won't be so merciful. (vs Cerebella)
  • Back to the drawing board. (vs Peacock)
  • A pathetic imposter. (vs Parasoul)
  • Alert the canine squad. (vs Ms. Fortune)
  • I'm sorry. (vs Painwheel)
  • No one deserves this. (vs Painwheel)
  • Winners don't use drugs! (vs Valentine)
  • What a tragedy. (vs Squigly)
  • Bring her in, this minion got a lot to talk. (vs. Squigly)
  • Come with us quietly, Ben. (vs Big Band)
  • Check for other skeletons in her closet. (vs Eliza)
  • Take him into custody! (vs Beowulf)
  • You served our cause back then. You should just retire now. (vs Beowulf)
  • Your side projects have gone on for too long, Brain Drain! (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • Let's see if Roxie can get any information out of this thing. (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • [Whispering] Objective complete. (vs Marie)
  • I told you to stay home. (vs Umbrella) (Unused)
  • You should've listened. (vs Umbrella) (Unused)


  • Medic...!
  • You're... being used. (vs Filia)
  • Just a common thug. (vs Cerebella)
  • Test successful. (vs Peacock)
  • Impossible. (vs Parasoul)
  • Dirty... thieving...! (vs Ms. Fortune)
  • You took... an oath. (vs Valentine)
  • Lousy... traitor. (vs Valentine)
  • What are you...? (vs Double)
  • I underestimated her. (vs Squigly)
  • Warn the... kingdom. (vs Eliza)
  • Not bad, sis... (vs Umbrella) (Unused)


  • Well, excuuuuse me, princess! (Egret Call)
  • Look out! (Egret Dive)
  • Look out, princess! (Egret Dive)
  • Noooooooooooo! (Egret Dive)
  • I got this one! (Egret Dive)
  • Tally-ho! (Egret Charge)
  • I got you! (Egret Charge)
  • In my sight! (Egret Charge)
  • Sir! (Egret Call [end])
  • FIRING! (Inferno Brigade)
  • You'll pay for this! (Time out, loss)
  • You bastard! (Time out, loss)


  • "Winners don't use drugs!" (said after defeating Valentine) references a 1989 anti-drug campaign promoted through arcade machines.
  • The Egret line "Well, excuuuuse me, princess!" spoken during the Egret Call move references The Legend of Zelda 1989 TV series. The memetic phrase is spoken by Link in every episode, usually in response to Princess Zelda’s complaining.
  • Parasoul's Loss line "You took... an oath." against Valentine refers to the Hippocratic Oath, an ethical code attributed to the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates to prevent medical practicioners from causing harm or hurt to their patients.
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