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Gender: Male
Likes: The Medici Mafia, Lorenzo Medici, Vitale

Ottomo (JP: オットモ) is Lorenzo's mechanical henchman. He’s piloted by Tom[1], a tiny salamander, foul-mouthed Dagonian engineer.

Character Basis


The name Ottomo may be a reference to Katsuhiro Otomo, a mangaka and animator who created movies like Akira and Steamboy. The name may also be reference to the Otomo androids from the Robocop franchise.


Tom used to be a member of the ASG Lab 4 and a colleague of Stanley, who decided to sell out to the Mafia and stole the M3 (Mighty Metal Man) robot, Ottomo, from the lab. Now Ottomo is a custom Mighty Metal Man (M3) unit that Tom made for himself to pilot. He and Stanley are considered rivals because of their history. He is one of Lab 4’s experiments in creating vehicle/weapon hybrids. Because Tom is a crude drunk he relies on Ottomo's refined butler-like AI to please mob bosses.

Peacock's Story

Ottomo makes an appearance in Peacock's story mode, where his severed head can be seen piked on Avery's knife in the epilogue.

Playstyle Speculation

Ottomo moves in a particularly strange fashion - he’s very lanky, and Tom likes to pilot him with a bit of extra flavor, so Ottomo attacks with dance moves when possible. The moonwalk, the Smooth Criminal lean, and of course The Robot are all incorporated into his unique style. In addition to classic robot references like the “guts”/Gaoo pose, he’d also have bullet fingers, hidden guns and missiles, and extendable limbs.

Gameplay Inspiration

  • Gre Nade (Evolution: The World of Sacred Device)
  • Rugal Bernstein (King of Fighters series)
  • Dudley (Street Fighter III)
  • Henry Hatsworth
  • Brocken (World Heroes series)
  • Hsien-ko (Darkstalkers series)
  • Robo Ky (Guilty Gear series)
  • Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (Terminator)
  • Pretty Boy / Guardroid (Punisher arcade), Robo-Z (Bust a Groove)
  • Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker Video Game)
  • KITT and Michael Knight (Knight Rider)


  • Ottomo was the eighteenth possible DLC character for Skullgirls to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $360,000.
  • Tom uses his engineering skills to maintain Black Dahlia's mechanism, despite it being from a much older generation of ASG tech.
  • While not as infamous as Black Dahlia, Tom and Ottomo are still feared as one of the mob’s deadliest henchmen.
  • Ottomo, along with Vitale, Black Dahlia and Lorenzo, appears in the background of the Medici Tower Stage. He appears a second time in the background of the River King Casino stage, once again accompanying Vitale. 
  • Tom is an axolotl/salamander Dagonian.


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