The No Man's Land is a collection of small countries and territories that fell into chaos when the three kingdoms quickly stopped their war to fight the Skullgirl. Bandits were easily able to acquire military hardware and human trafficking became common. Marie and Peacock are from Rommelgrad, a town in the No Man's Land. the No Man's Land lies between the Canopy Kingdom, The Gigan Nation and The Chess Kingdom and is what separate the kingdoms from each other.

It was finally introduced as a stage in Skullgirls Mobile's 1.6.0 Update in Valentine's Origin Story[1], and brought to 2nd Encore as part of the Combo Breaker 2020 Update[2].



  • The boneyard stage (from early, pre-Mike Z builds of Skullgirls) is set in No Man's Land, so that gives an impression of what it looks like (bones everywhere, desolate, very, “Mad Max”-like)
  • Rommelgrad was a city in a country, but the name of that former country has not been determined yet. The country no longer exists and the land it stood on is now part of the vast No Man’s Land.


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