Skullgirls OST - New Meridian Rooftops Stage

Skullgirls OST - New Meridian Rooftops Stage

New Meridian Rooftops is a stage in Skullgirls Encore. Aptly named, the stage is set on a rooftop overlooking the busy city of New Meridian.

Unique in that it does not appear in any character's story mode, New Meridian Rooftops can be unlocked for use in multiplayer and training by completing Squigly's story mode. Alternatively, purchasing the character color bundle DLC will instantly unlock all stages, including New Meridian Rooftops.


From this opportunistic vantage point, much of New Meridian can be seen; flocks of birds fly across the horizon, massive airships idly float through the sky, and Medici Tower looms ominously in the skyline, towering above all other buildings.

Rooftops Assault is an alternate version of New Meridian Rooftops, where the Skullgirl has made her move and is actively demolishing much of New Meridian.



  • The New Meridian Rooftops stage has two billboard for Eighty Sixed, A clothing store whose Twitch channel hosts their weekly stream, and Frootsii, a bakery in California that was the original venue for said stream.
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