Mrs. Victoria
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Likes: Teaching
Voice Actor: Wendee Lee
Mrs. Victoria (JP: ヴィクトリア先生) is a non-playable character in Skullgirls. She acts as a mentor to the players and introduces them to the game as well as the basics and advanced mechanics of the game. She is also Filia and Painwheel's teacher in the story. At night, she fights crime under the guise of the character Deep Violet.

Appearance in the storyEdit

Filia's storyEdit

Mrs. Victoria makes an appearance at the end of Filia's story, after Filia completes her wish of returning Painwheel back to her original self. Filia sits in class uninterested and bored while Mrs. Victoria finishes teaching the class. Eventually, Painwheel arrives and Mrs. Victoria introduces her to her new classmates, asking them to quiet down so Painwheel could introduce herself. Before Painwheel does so, Mrs. Victoria looks at her in a rather concerned manner, possibly because the scars on her face from removing her mask prior to coming to class.

Playstyle SpeculationEdit

As a teacher she prides herself on her vast knowledge of fighting games, adopting techniques from many of them while adding her own flair. Beware when she’s on the defensive, too, as she adapts quickly - use the same approach too often and she’ll be ready to counter it.

In addition to referencing famous fighting game moves, she would also possess attacks one would expect from a teacher, such as throwing chalk, using the blackboard, or making people hit the books (or the other way around).

Gameplay InspirationEdit


  • Mrs. Victoria was the fourth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $80,000.
  • In a picture drawn by creative lead Alex Ahad, Mrs. Victoria is shown sitting on top of a knocked-down Filia with a comic she was presumably reading in class. The comic's cover clearly features Deep Violet, Mrs. Victoria's superhero alter-ego.
  • When asked for details referring to her possible future part in the game, Alex said that her story would be searching for a missing student, referring to Filia. While Ms. Victoria is retired from her days as a vigilante, now that students that she knows are getting involved with the Skullgirl, she’s back into it.
  • A figure that looks like her can be seen in the Grand Cathedral, possibly implying that she could worship the Trinity.
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