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Mother's shadow

Very little is currently known about her, she hasn't even made a physical appearance nor has she been given a name, she is simply referred to as "mother" by Aeon and Venus. Her shadowy appearance has been shown on the wall on her daughters room while they were playing Skullgirls, she informs the two that dinner is ready. She tells them to stop playing their video games and to come down to eat before their dinner gets cold. Aeon then asks to give them a second so that she could save her game.

Eliza's Story Mode implies that she was once a queen named Lamia, of whom Double is a shadow.


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  • She is most likely the leader of the Trinity as she is seen in the middle of the stained glass of the Divine Trinity's Grand Cathedral.
  • Her silhouette can be seen surrounding the Skull Heart during the final battle with Marie.
  • The Mother and Lamia are not exactly the same person, at least “not in a way we’d comprehend”. Lamia is an ancient queen who seems to derive her power from the ancient goddess Mother.
  • In Greek Mythology, Lamia was considered to be a queen of Libya which is a country in North Africa. Lamia, and her family, lived with Eliza in an ancient civilization that is a fictional equivalent to Ancient Egypt. Lamia was the queen of that civilization. Both Libya and Egypt are North African countries.
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