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DLC Molly.png
Gender: Female
Voiced by: Cassandra Lee Morris

Molly (JP: モリー) is the Communications Officer for the Black Egrets.

Playstyle Speculation

Many of her attacks would be phone themed. Phone rotaries, bells, wires, needles, cans on strings- anything phone themed is fair game. She’d use an office chair and assorted machinery to move around. Despite the image in the lineup, she may pilot Graham-o-Tron, a phone-themed mecha instead. Maybe she can dial-a-combo... interpret that as you will, the pun had to be made.

To reflect her profession, Molly might have the ability to place a series of relay points on the screen, sending an electrical pulse through them. If she switches the points while the pulse is en route, she can keep it going through a series of connections.

In the spirit of switchboard operators assisting soldiers on the field, she could have supportive abilities that give her team bonuses when she’s not on point. For example, she might allow her teammates to gain more meter, heal red life faster, or experience shorter hitstun or blockstun in specific cases. She may even have attacks and supers that can only be performed when she’s not the active character like an air strike, medevac, supply drop, or a damage boost during the point character’s supers.

Gameplay Inspiration

  • Cyberbots
  • Exo Squad
  • Power Loader (Aliens)
  • WW2-era office ladies and switchboard operators
  • Tellbell I and Tellbell II (Remote Control Dandy SF)
  • Sentinel (Marvel Versus series)
  • Tachikoma (Ghost in the Shell series)


  • Molly was the 28th possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $560,000.
  • In one of her story mode portraits, Molly's face has several similarities to the Pokémon known as Wobbuffet, due to the slanted closed eyes and zigzag mouth. She also shares the Pokémon's signature salute.



Molly Mechanics Prototype and Sample Use

Mechanics Prototype and Sample Use video

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