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Being Selected

  • I'll sweep you up. (Unused)

Pre-round Introduction

  • I will wipe all horrors from this world, starting with you. (vs Filia)
  • Your memories end here. (vs Filia)
  • All of the Medici will follow you to Hell. (vs Cerebella)
  • Your blind loyalty will be your demise. (vs Cerebella)
  • Patricia... (vs Peacock, if Peacock says "Don't think I'll go easy on ya.")
  • You shouldn't be here. (vs Peacock, if Peacock says "Don't think I'll go easy on ya.")
  • You shouldn't have come. (vs Peacock, if Peacock says "Don't think I'll go easy on ya.")
  • What would your mother think? (vs Parasoul)
  • You will be a unique addition to my army. (vs Ms. Fortune)
  • I'll put you out of your misery, monster. (vs Painwheel)
  • You are a traitor to the cause. (vs Valentine)
  • I no longer require your services. (vs Double)
  • Seems someone botched this job. (vs Squigly)
  • You had your chance to escape. Now... die. (vs Fukua)
  • Come closer, child. (vs Umbrella) (Unused)
  • Serve me and my just cause.
  • You had your chance to escape. Now... suffer.
  • Join me and my army.
  • You can't run away.
  • The Medici will fall.
  • Your blood will fall like rain.
  • I'll suck the life out of you.
  • The Skull Heart is my burden to bear.
  • Your efforts are futile.
  • The Skull Heart is mine to wield.
  • You are already dead.
  • I'll sweep you up.
  • Prepare to get swept up.
  • Be my general, or dirt to sweep up.


  • Die.
  • You're not fit to lead.
  • You can't stop my wish!
  • Take your place.
  • Go forth.
  • Charge!
  • Out of my way.
  • So sure you can defeat me?
  • Destroy!
  • See how weak you are.
  • You dare challenge ME?
  • Fear me.
  • Be afraid.
  • Know your place!
  • Here's a surprise!
  • Don't resist.
  • Show them who's boss.
  • Serve your new master!
  • Go, slave!
  • Stop them!
  • Rise from your grave!
  • It's time to really clean up... (First transformation)
  • You're strong... join me. (First transformation)
  • I can't control it...! (First transformation)
  • You're delaying the inevitable. (First transformation)


  • (None)


  • What else? (Opponent recovery)
  • How presumptous... (Opponent recovery)
  • Stay down. (Opponent recovery)


  • No one stands in my way.
  • Now you see how foolish you are.
  • A merely adequate weapon.
  • I told you to run away.
  • Now you'll live to serve me.
  • I knew it would end this way.
  • I can put you to good use.
  • You'll make a fine slave.
  • Kneel before your master.
  • See the error of your ways.
  • Nothing stands in my way.
  • Your death will not be in vain.
  • I'll sweep you up later.
  • You can't run away.
  • Why continue to fight?
  • The Medici will fall. (vs Cerebella)
  • You made me what I am. (vs Cerebella or Double)
  • I told you, you should have run away. (vs Peacock)


  • Aaaaaaaggghhhhhhhh...!! (Final transformation/death)


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