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Lorenzo Medici
Lorenzo 2.png
Gender: Male
Likes: The Medici Mafia
Dislikes: The Contiellos
Voiced by: Mike Zaimont (English, up to 2019)

Lorenzo Medici (JP: ロレンゾ・メディチ) is the current head of the Medici Mafia, as well as the Medici family.


Being the leader of the ruthless Medici Mafia, Lorenzo has naturally made a great deal of enemies throughout his grisly career. As a result, he spends a large amount of his time in the safety of his office in Medici Tower, guarded by Black Dahlia and scores of henchmen.


While not much is known about his family, it has been stated that he has three sons. While one of them is of an unknown identity, the other two are reported to be Vitale and Filia's father - thus making Filia his granddaughter (with his other two sons being her uncles respectively).


Lorenzo makes his first appearance timeline-wise in the final chapter to Skullgirls Mobile's story mode, when Parasoul and the Black Egrets decide to infiltrate the Medici Tower and confront him and his son, Vitale. Here, Lorenzo seems to show no sign of age, most likely due to the powers of the Life Gem that was stolen before the main game's story mode. When he is encountered, he remarks to Parasoul about Queen Nancy and after declaring his right to "his" city, he orders his goons to defeat the player. Cerebella then steps in, and the battle begins.

After the battle is completed, Lorenzo begins to argue with Parasoul yet again before being interrupted by the Skullgirl herself, Marie. Making quick work of his goons, she attempts to wound him, to no avail. He states that he's dealt with her kind before, and that SHE, presumably Queen Nancy, couldn't leave a scratch on him, either. As Marie attempts to strike again, she is injured by Black Dahlia, forcing her to retreat. Because the Skullgirl's appearance has become a more important threat than Lorenzo, Parasoul takes her leave, ending the story mode chapter.

During Big Band's origin story in Skullgirls Mobile, Lorenzo meets up with Ben's former superior, Sarge, who has been helping Lorenzo with the Medici Mafia's illegal activities. At the end of the story, Lorenzo becomes disappointed with Sarge due to being discovered and orders his men to kill him while thinking about "Project River King".

Lorenzo appears during the conclusion of Peacock's story mode. After defeating Marie, Peacock swears to avenge her friend by destroying the Medicis. Arriving unceremoniously in Lorenzo's office after roughing up many Medici thugs, Black Dahlia steps in to defend Lorenzo as he attempts to make his escape.

Lorenzo appears at the end of Nadia Fortune's story mode. After the Medici Mafia kidnap Minette and other Dagonian women for unknown reasons Nadia, Irvin and Yu-Wan prepare to go after him.

Lorenzo is mentioned in Squigly's story mode. Furious with the Medicis for their heinous crimes, Marie uses her new-found power to break apart Medici Tower and throw it at an escaping airship presumed to be sheltering Lorenzo. Despite being heavily damaged, the airship continues to fly away into the horizon, the remnants of Medici Tower falling into the ocean below. After the battle with Double, Squigly mentions how Lorenzo fought a Skullgirl before, presumably her mother who had become one, and that he never ran meaning he was confident enough in his power to fight a Skullgirl and remain unscathed back then. But that something has hurt him, being now weakened, and that he will not last.

In Eliza's story mode, Lorenzo is seen at the beginning in a more decrepit, desperate manner where he aggressively orders Eliza to "kill her and bring me her heart" (although it is unclear if he was referring to Marie or Ms. Fortune). He later appears in a CG at the end of the story mode, panicked and covered in sweat, as Eliza approaches piloting her giant mecha-like figure to presumably annihilate the Medici's.


  • Lorenzo is named after Lorenzo de' Medici (Lorenzo of the city of Medici), an Italian banker who was the de facto ruler of the Republic of Florence during the Renaissance period. He was also one of the most powerful and violent crime bosses at the time.
  • Lorenzo can be seen giving orders to Ottomo and Vitale whilst Black Dahlia stands guard in the background of the Medici Tower Stage. In the alternate version of the stage he simply drums his fingers on his desk out of boredom, without anyone to give orders to.
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