Lenny as he appears during Peacock's Lonesome Lenny blockbuster

Lonesome Lenny (JP: ロンサム・レニー), or Lenny Bomb, is one of Peacock's minions. He is a large bomb with an 8-Ball design. Like the rest of the gang, Lenny is inspired off of Patricia's favorite television series, Glorious Annie: Symphony of Star Stuff.

Lonesome Lenny Blockbuster (QCF + KK) [Level 1][edit | edit source]

Peacock plants an enormous Lenny bomb. Lenny's fuse lasts 5 seconds, which can be shortened by attacking it. Lenny will also detonate immediately after Peacock exits Argus Agony, if he was hit by the laser during the attack. Detonates in a large area, causing large chip damage on block.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lonesome Lenny/Gallery

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lenny's name and build are a reference to the Tex Avery cartoon character Lonesome Lenny,who in turn is based after Lenny from the novel Of Mice and Men. Both the cartoon character and literary character are accompanied by a friend named George, who is the namesake of the George Bomb.
  • Peacock based George and Lenny after the scientist with the top-knot.
  • Like George it is not known whether or not there are multiple Lenny Bombs, as he detonates during Peacock's Blockbuster.
  • George and Lenny were originally named Little Boy and Fat Man before Skullgirls' official release, these names were changed to avoid insensitivity to the atomic bombings of Japan during World War II. Peacock's character trailer still features her referencing Fat Man when activating Lonesome Lenny.
  • Lenny's is seen riding in the car in Double's Bandwagon Rushdown Blockbuster.
  • Lenny could possibly be inspired by Hsien Ko's super, Chuukudan, since both are bombs with detonators that damage both players when they explode.
  • Due to his short stature, Avery stands on top of Lenny when speaking in the story mode.
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