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Living Weapons are a concept in Skullgirls. They are self-aware legendary weapons forged by master weaponsmiths. Like Parasites, they come from the mysterious element Theonite, although they have comparatively limited sentience (if any at all). They can only be wielded by certain gifted individuals.

List of Living Weapons

  • Vice-Versa: A highly expressive hat equipped with two massive arms. It is capable of incredible feats of strength, such as carrying elephants and crushing rocks into diamonds. Cerebella is the only known person who can wield it and she has formed a mental bond with Vice-Versa.
  • Krieg: An umbrella-shaped Living Weapon passed down throughout the Renoir family, currently wielded by Parasoul. Using its many eyes, it can shed Napalm Tears that can float in the air and can be detonated.
  • Hungern: Another umbrella-shaped Living Weapon with an insatiable appetite, currently wielded by Umbrella. Its power increases the longer it is not used to attack. Hungern takes on the shapes of various nightmarish mouths as it tries to consume the enemy, ranging from horse heads to anemones.
  • Eroberung: A golden umbrella-shaped rifle wielded by King Franz Renoir during the previous war. Whether it is still in his possession is unknown.
  • Todd: A boney umbrella-shaped scythe, shown in the possession of Queen Nancy Renoir when she became the Skullgirl.
  • Pazuzu Whip: A yellow snake themed whip wielded by Mrs. Victoria's crime fighting alter-ego D. Violet. It can grow multiple heads and change rigidity when needed.


  • The names of the Renoir's Living Weapons are the German names for the Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Krieg meaning War, Hungern meaning Famine (lit. "to hunger"), and Todd meaning Death. Finally, King Franz used Eroberung ("Conquest") to kill Queen Nancy.
  • Living Weapons, like Parasites, manifest their powers differently from user to user. They also change size depending on the wielder.
  • Living Weapons never deteriorate or age.


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