Skullgirls Little Innsmouth Stage

Skullgirls Little Innsmouth Stage

Little Innsmouth stage theme

Little Innsmouth is a stage in Skullgirls. Set in a seaside Dagonian-populated section of New Meridian, the stage prominently features Yu-Wan's restaurant in its background.

Little Innsmouth has two similar stage variants: 'Little Innsmouth' and 'Little Innsmouth (Night)'. Both stages appear in the story modes of several characters, and are unlocked by default for use in multiplayer and training.


Akin to a "Chinatown", this stage is a small but bustling residential and business district by the coast, accented by bold, clashing colors and chimney pots resembling coral. The buildings are connected by an extensive network of wooden decks, walkways and stairs, with strings of jellyfish lanterns hanging overhead. A tram runs between the areas above and below sea level throughout the day, when the tide is low. This is also when the lowest level is exposed: the walls are covered in graffiti, the ground littered with trash bags thrown from above, and everything is tinted green from algae.

At night, the tide has caused the lowest level to flood, rendering it inaccessible. The district sparkles with light from the buildings, lanterns and many neon signs, all reflected in the water. Many restaurants stay open until late at night, enticing people out for good food and a relaxing evening walking along the brightly lit walkways.



  • The name 'Innsmouth' is a reference to the short story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" by H.P Lovecraft about a town of human-fish hybrids. Most of the citizens of Little Innsmouth are Dagonians, Dagon being the name of the Demon God worshiped by the inhabitants of Innsmouth in H.P. Lovecraft's story.
  • Both Yu-Wan and Minette can be seen in the background of Little Innsmouth.
    • Many of the other Dagonian NPCs have names. Including Leroy, the sea urchin, Steel the hammerhead shark, Yu-Wan's brother Shumei and Minette's sister Nautilee.
  • Yu-Wan's restaurant is named Dak'kull Dubu. Dak'kull is the style of cuisine while Dubu means tofu in Korean. The restaurant is said to serve only one type of dish.
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