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Leviathan (JP: レヴァイアサン) is Squigly's Parasite and a rival to Samson. He is serpentine in appearance and coils around his host's body, as well as partially going through her head.


Leviathan is a very loyal parasite to Squigly through and through as well as honorable. He has shown guilt whenever he felt like he put Squigly in a dangerous situation. He is said to be a gentleman, but sometimes, he has a dry wit when talking to his opponents. He also has a feral side since one of his attacks has him biting his opponents multlple times while dragging Squigly along. He is also shown to speak in an English accent.


  • Leviathan's name comes from the Judeo-Christian demonic sea monster of the same name that is one of Lucifer's minions. In demonology, the Leviathan is associated with the sin of Envy. Leviathan himself quotes the Christian bible.
  • Leviathan was present for the clash between Samson's old host, Delilah, and Eliza.
  • Leviathan was attached to Roberto's arm/shoulder area and was visible externally.
  • Leviathan goes through Squigly's right ear and out of a hole on the left side of her head. This suggests that the hole on the left side of her head is the bullet hole caused by Black Dahlia at the time of Squigly's murder. This is contradicted however in the illustration depicting Black Dahlia shooting her on what appears to by the right side of her head, not the left.
  • Skullgirls Art Director Alex Ahad drew a non-canon human version of Leviathan by fan request. The design features Leviathan as a lithe man with slicked, spiked hair and two large horns growing out backwards from his temples while wearing a suit and tie.
  • He seems to bear ill-will against the Renoirs. This may be because the Renoir family made attempts to "stamp out the songs, stories, and traditions of the Meridian Kingdom" which included the Contiello's opera singing. He also refers to them as "usurpers" on multiple occasions, though the exact reason for this is unclear.
  • There are different terms for a kind of dragon or dragon-like creature based on design type or body-type. The type of dragon Leviathan would be classified as would be a “wyrm” in his main form. Wyrms are dragons who are both limbless and wingless and have a worm or serpent-like shape.
    • In forms where Levithan does have limbs, like in Inferno of Leviathan he has the appearance of a “lindwurm” type dragon with two limbs. When he is depicted with wings he usually takes the form of a dragon type known as an “amphithere” which has two wings but no other limbs. There are other dragon types he can or may take the form of but these are just some notable examples.
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