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DLC Leduc.png
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Likes: Hive, Dr. Avian, Big Band, Ileum, Peacock, Stanley, Lab 8
Dislikes: Valentine
Voiced by: Kyle Hebert

Leduc (JP: レデューク) is a possible upcoming DLC character.


Leduc is another Anti-Skullgirl creation, possibly built similar to the likes of Peacock. Unlike Peacock, he has enough manners to stay home with Dr. Avian and Hive. It appears that his arms and legs were removed or amputated (or possibly lost from a tragic accident), and replaced with technologically enhanced versions.  The electricity his body channels is generated by his Synthetic Parasite, the Taranis Generator, which he can use to disable or destroy targets.

Playstyle Speculation

Most of Leduc’s attacks would be electrical and stun bolt themed. He might be able to charge his attacks for stronger versions, use static electricity to hang from walls and ceilings, or magnetically attract and repulse opponents. They may cause a stun status effect as well, since his name comes from "The Nightmare State of Leduc," paralysis livestock can experience due to stun bolts. His arms have the two halves of the tongs used on the heads of livestock, while his feet are based off of electromagnets made out of needles with copper wire wrapped around them.

Gameplay Inspiration

  • Akari (Last Blade 2)
  • Necro (Street Fighter III:New Generation)
  • Blackheart (Marvel Super Heroes)
  • Nikola Tesla (Science!)
  • Michael Roa Valdamjong (Melty Blood)
  • Iron Tager (BlazBlue:Calamity Trigger)
  • Captain Commando (Marvel vs. Capcom 2)


  • His name may be a reference to cattle-proding and restraint, as emphasized by the clamps at the end of his arms.
  • Leduc was believed to be the first playable male character before it was officially revealed to be Big Band.
  • Leduc was the ninth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $180,000.
  • The Taranis Generator, Leduc's synthetic parasite, is probably named after the Celtic/Gallic deity of the same name. In Celtic Mythology, Taranis was the god of thunder.
  • The offical pronouciation of his name "Le-Duke"
  • He appears as a spectator in the Lab 8 stage and Under the Bridge stage. Both times he is seen standing next to Hive.
  • Leduc is said to be slightly younger than Filia, making him roughly 15.
  • He and Hive have a sibling-like bond.
  • Leduc was intended to have played an important role in Painwheel's story.[1]


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