Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (possibly 30-45)
Likes: Riccardo, Causing trouble, Women (especially younger women)
Dislikes: Being bitten by a decapitated head
Voice Actor: Kaiji Tang

Lawrence (JP: ローレンス) is a minor character who briefly appears in Skullgirls. He is depicted as a perverted guy who tries to hit on younger girls such as Minette


Lawrence appears in Ms.Fortune's story. Lawrence is shown at Yu-wan's resturant talking with Riccardo about the Skullgirl going after a lot of the mob families in Maplecrest. Lawrence goes on to comment that the Skullgirl has a bone to pick with their boss and questions his current whereabouts as well as some kind of sickness.

The two men see Minette and it is revealed that they were sent to find her. Lawrence calls for table service as a ploy to bring Minette over, who seems to be working as a waitress at the diner. Once she arrives, Riccardo compliments her looks saying that she is "quite the dish" and tells her to get Lawrence and himself free beers so the three of them could go out and hit the town. Minette declines saying she has work to do, and Lawrence insults her, calling her a 'stinking gill-girl'.

Hearing the commotion, Ms.Fortune appears. Lawrence attempts to dismiss her by suggesting she 'go find a sandbox', which causes the situation to escalate. After Ms. Fortune demands that the two men leave, Lawrence draws a machete and decapitates her, bragging that she 'didn't have a chance'. After this point Ms. Fortune stops feigning death, and simultaneously attacks Riccardo and Lawrence. Startled, Lawrence and Riccardo run away.

Subsequent dialogue between Ms. Fortune, Minette and Yu-Wan suggests that Ms. Fortune intended to follow Lawrence and Riccardo, with the expectation that they'll lure the Skullgirl into attacking them. In spite of this, there are no further references to either of them in Ms. Fortune's storyline.


  • Both Lawrence and his colleague Riccardo are members of the Medici Mafia.
  • Lawrence and his friend Riccardo can be seen following Minette in the background of the River King Casino stage.
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