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Skullgirls Anti-Skullgirl Lab 8 Stage

Lab 8 is a stage in Skullgirls. One of several anti-Skullgirl labs created to aid in the destruction of the Skullgirl, Lab 8 is responsible for the creation of Peacock and Big Band's implants.

Lab 8 has two similar stage variants; 'Lab 8' and 'Lab 8 (Empty)'. Both stages can be unlocked for use in multiplayer and training by completing Peacock's story mode. Alternatively, owning the Color Palette Bundle DLC will instantly unlock Lab 8.


Anti-Skullgirl Lab 8 is home to a wealth of agents looking to end the Skullgirl's rampage through the Canopy Kingdom, many of them heavily modified with advanced technologies or parasites. Computer terminals, heavy machinery, and mad science are mainstays within the confines of Lab 8's uninviting interior. Several agents can be seen looking over the unfolding fight, such as Dr. Avian, Big Band, Hive, Leduc and Ileum. Stanley can be seen further in the background, having a heated discussion with a colleague.

In Lab 8 (Empty), the lab has been devastated by a swift and calculated attack, leaving several scientists dead and much of the background equipment damaged. The major residents of Lab 8 that normally appear in the background are absent.

Anti-Skullgirl Lab 8 features prominently in Peacock's and Valentine's story modes, as well as Big Bands. In the three story modes, Lab 8 is brutally destroyed by Valentine, and almost all of the staff killed. Peacock seeks vengeance for the deed in her story mode (being absent during Valentine's arrival), but in Valentine's story mode Peacock is destroyed alongside Lab 8. In Big Band's story mode, Big Band arrives after Peacock has been through the lab, only finding Double at the scene.



  • Prior to February 3, 2014, Lab 8 (Empty) was identical to its regular counterpart with the exception of having no background NPCs. The February 3 update added the blood, corpses and broken monitors seen in the final version.
  • If either player has Big Band on their team, he will be absent from the background of Lab 8.
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