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"In a Moment's Time" is the end credits theme from Skullgirls. It was composed by Michiru Yamane, with the lyrics sung in English by Geila Zilkha. Additionally, there is a Japanese version that exists as a 'bonus track' and replaces the English version in Japanese copies of the game.

The Glass Canopy stage originally had "In a Moment's Time" as a placeholder track before an official one was made. Reverting the stage's music back to "In a Moment's Time" was made possible on the PC version of Skullgirls from May 13, 2014 onwards if "ifearchange" is typed during the start-up logo screens. However, this setting saves, so once the user has completed the input, it cannot be changed back. A special instrumental version of the song was included with the PS4 theme for those who pre-ordered 2nd Encore and can be heard on the Skullgirls Original Soundtrack PLUS.


In a Moment's Time

Why so down tonight?

Just another day that didn't go your way

Well don't you make a sight

Just take my hand, don't toss and turn

Let's just lie awake

In just a moment's time, you'll wonder why

You ever thought you'd ever long for more than you've got

'Cause, baby, you've got you and me

I'm gonna hold you tight, through the night

The bed bugs better hope that I don't bite

While you're counting sheep in your head

It's time to hit the sack--kapow! attack!

Smack those troubles down, KO, they're down

One, two, three A.M.

Or is it midnight still? The window sill's

A billion miles away

But your lucky star, he's here for sure

Down here 'neath the sheets

The world is yours to conquer, won't be long, dear

I'm the king and you're the pawn, we're a perfect pair

Girl, you made the right mistake

Choose me instead of constant heartbreak

Now let's raise the stakes

Go on, you earned it

Ask for any wish, I'm on it

Grant it word for word, I promise

Baby, that's the charm!

You got it made, yeah

Don't you be a flake

In just a moment's time, you'll wonder why

You ever thought you'd ever long for more than you've got

'Cause, baby you've got you and me

[Piano Break]

Buckle up tonight

You wanna get away, forget it, baby

Got you in my sights!

Ain't in the cards! They don't ever learn!

Hell, for heaven's sake!

In just a moment's time, you'll wonder why

You ever thought you'd ever long for more than you've got

'Cause, baby, you've got you and me

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