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DLC Ileum.png
Gender: Unknown (Presumably Female)
Likes: The lab 8 children, Dr. Avian, Leduc, Hive, Big Band, Stanley, Lab 8
Dislikes: Valentine
Voiced by: Laura Post

Ileum (JP: イレウム) is a possible upcoming DLC character.

Her name refers to the last portion of the small intestine. Her original concept art labeled her as "Corkscrew", which describes the metallic appendages that appear from her body as she stretches her limbs to attack.


The mother figure of Lab 8, she was disfigured during the war before agreeing to be grafted with the Synthetic Parasite "Salamander Shell". Able to squeeze through tight spaces, secrete acid, and wield drills, she is brilliant at infiltration and sabotage. However, the nature of her abilities makes them cruel to use on other human beings. She avoids confrontation when possible, but if pushed to fight she is the scariest member of her team.

She is shown to be familiar enough with Big Band to address him with his original name, Ben. The two have both fought the previous Skullgirls, Selene Contiello and Queen Nancy.

Playstyle Speculation

Ranged, poison and area-damage strategic play. Toxic to the touch during her Lv3.

Ileum is a kind soul, but her powers are disgusting and terrifying. She can wrap around a target and dissolve them to a puddle with the digestive enzymes she secretes from her skin. She can also remove her mask and spit a stream of acid from her mouth. We never see what her face looks like, for the mask is the far less terrifying alternative. Her body can stretch to considerable lengths, giving her incredible range, and drill screws embedded in it can score additional hits for some pretty wicked attacks and shapes.

Gameplay Inspiration

  • Toxic Seahorse (Mega Man X3)
  • Dhalsim (SNK vs Capcom)
  • Abyss (Marvel vs. Capcom 2)
  • Omega Red (Marvel Vs. Series)
  • Urzur (Odin Sphere)
  • Xenomorphs (Alien)
  • Necro (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike)
  • Bydo (R-Type)
  • Unknowns (Final Fantasy series)
  • Shuma-Gorath (Marvel Super Heroes)


  • Ileum was the tenth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $200,000.
  • She appears as a spectator in the Lab 8 stage and Under the Bridge stage. Both times she is accompanied by the Lab 8 children.
  • Ileum's design was officially changed on May 13th 2014 via a patch update. It changed all parts of her design that involved a red cross against a white background to be altered so the crosses appeared fuchsia colored instead. This change was announced on May 2 2014 after the Skullgirls Encore publisher Marvelous AQL couldn't guarantee legal action against a potential copyright claim regarding similarity to the Red Cross' emblem.
  • She is a veteran ASG soldier and fought the previous two Skullgirls alongside Big Band.

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