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DLC Hive.png
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Likes: Leduc, Dr. Avian, Big Band, Ileum, Peacock, Stanley, Lab 8
Dislikes: Valentine
Voiced by: Erin Fitzgerald

Hive (JP: ハイヴ), like Leduc, calls the Anti-Skullgirl Labs home. Nothing about her appearance in the story gives a hint of her abilities or fighting styles as a playable character. Dr. Avian may have built her just to hang around in the background of Lab 8, doing her best to be prissy and aloof. Though thanks to her DLC picture, Hive looks much more battle ready. Her past remains a mystery.

Appearance in the story

Hive appears in Big Band and Peacock's stories.

Playstyle Speculation

Lots of crazy wall dives, weird movement options, and stingers for a heavily rushdown-based pixie. Aerial superiority, thy name shall be Hive.

Hive’s moves would be themed after bees as well as fighter planes and bombers. Her Synthetic Parasite’s default shape is a set of interlocking hexagons wrapped around her arms, but can be shifted into various configurations such as a lance or shield. She’d also be able to launch them as bee-shaped missiles and bombs.

Gameplay Inspiration

  • B. Jenet (Garaou: Mark of the Wolves)


  • Hive was the eighth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $160,000.
  • She appears as a spectator in the Lab 8 stage and Under the Bridge stage. Both times she is seen standing next to Leduc.
  • The triangular on her forehead is a reference to the dorsal ocelli, three eye like sensors found on the middle of bee and wasps heads.
  • The mechanical bees she controls are not alive and do not contain Theonite. However her Beezle Bomb allows her to control them.
  • Her parasite is easy to remove, even when compared to other synthetic parasites. The Beezl Bomb is a mix of an implanted modifier and a wearable suit, meaning suit off and appear normal but still have access to her powers.
  • She is said to be slightly younger than Filia, making her roughly 15.
  • She and Leduc have a sibling-like bond.
  • Hive's parasite's name, Beezl Bomb is a reference to Beelzebub, an alternative name for the Devil used in the Bible. Several artists have depicted the Devil as an enormous insect under this name.
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