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Skullgirls OST - Royal Canopy Waltz (Glass Canopy)

Glass Canopy is a stage in Skullgirls Encore. Set in a massive regal atrium, this stage was first teased as a background image in Parasoul's story mode.


True to its name, a giant parasol-shaped canopy of glass allows the night sky to be seen from the crowded ballroom below, where scores of the Canopy Kingdom's elite mingle. Parasoul can be seen looking onwards in royal attire while Adam and Umbrella enjoy a dance together. Further in the background, a tuxedo'd Panzerfaust entertains a small crowd of curious spectators. A small tank, likely his arm tank, can be seen serving drinks in the background.

Glass Canopy is one of only two stages that take place outside of New Meridian. Unlike Class Notes however, the actual location of this stage is known - Canopolis.

NPC Characters

The fully animated NPCs that appear in the background are submitted by Skullgirls Indigogo backers who donated at least $1,000 USD to the campaign. They appear in five different sets and the set chosen is rotated every time the stage is selected. The NPCs on stage also always remain in the same place. All NPCs are original non-Skullgirls related characters.

The following displays a list detailing the various NPC's, being ordered by the set number from left to right of the stage:

Set 1

Set 1

  • Colin and Christine (as themselves)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)
  • Spinette (submitted by KuroiChoucho and amakusa45)
  • Charon (submitted by Sp33bleb0ppa)
  • Minaria (submitted by BrandX)
  • RyanB (as himself)
  • Sgt. Brony (submitted by @Sgt_Brony)

Set 2

Set 2

  • Broseidon Rex (submitted by Broseidon Rex)
  • Zandra (submitted by ZFerolie)
  • Alan Kovaks aka Oculus (submitted by ???)
  • Duckator (as himself)
  • ProxySScythe (submitted by OmniSScythe)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)

Set 3

Set 3

  • Shady (submitted by Steven W. Hunt)
  • Lillith (submitted by ChronoTata)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)
  • Chainer (submitted by Chainer's Parasite)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)

Set 4

Set 4

  • Fran and Kit (submitted by ???)
  • LAMG (as himself)
  • Sanshee-tan (submitted by Sanshee)
  • Elzinia (submitted by rekijitsu)
  • Andrew (as himself)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)
  • ??? (submitted by ???)

Set 5

  • Proteus Joe and Mary Anne (submitted by BlackbookAlpha)
  • Ari (submitted by Crybringer)
  • Sev (as herself)
  • Zone-tan (submitted by ZONE)
  • CopperDabbit (as himself)
  • Cellsai (as himself)


  • The Glass Canopy stemmed from a stage concept titled "Atrium", a stage discarded prior to the game's release.
  • The Glass Canopy houses half of the original characters promised to backers who donated more than $1,000 during the Keep Skullgirls Growing! fundraising campaign. The remaining half appear in the River King Casino stage.
  • Glass Canopy originally had "In a Moment's Time" as the main theme (serving as a placeholder track before an official one was made). It is possible to revert the stage music back to "In a Moment's Time" on PC versions of the game if you type "ifearchange" during the startup logo screens. It is warned however that this setting saves, so once you completed the input it can't be changed back. (Fix: Settings do not save (it is unknown whether this fix works in Skullgirls ∞Endless Beta∞)).
  • If either player has Parasoul on their team, she will be absent from the background of Glass Canopy.
  • ProxySScythe, one of the NPC characters, had to have his design changed due to copyright reasons. This change was enacted on May 13th 2014, and was altered so his crosses were magenta colored, not red.
  • Sev's avatar was updated with the Combo Breaker 2020 Update.


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