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George Bomb
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Gender: Male

George Bomb (JP: ジョージ・ボム) is one of Peacock's minions. He is a small bomb with an 8-Ball design. Like the rest of the gang, George is inspired off of Patricia's favorite television series, "Glorious Annie: Symphony of Star Stuff".

In-Game Appearances

George's Day Out (QCF + LK) Peacock tosses a George bomb that waddles across the screen at slow speed.

Boxcar George (QCF + MK) Peacock points at her opponent as a George bomb in a tiny car comes from behind her and races across the screen at medium speed.

George at the Air Show (QCF + HK) Peacock engages in Semaphore as a George bomb in a tiny airplane flies in from the top of the screen behind her. The plane flies in a downward arc, crashing to the ground just before the opposite edge of the screen

Goodfellas (LP+LK, QCB + PP) [Level 3] Peacock shoves her opponent into a burlap sack, then calls her buddies to stomp down on them in unison. A small George bomb joins in and beats down on the sack with a baseball bat before Peacock flicks away a spent cigar at the George bomb, blowing up the sack in a great explosion. Very high damage, even without multiplier. Deals 32 hits (24 in stompfest, 7 from George bat, 1 in George explosion)

George also appears in two of Double's Blockbusters.

Bandwagon Rushdown (QCF + PP) [Level 1] Double transforms into Peacock and jumps into a portal. Moments later, a cartoony-looking car packed with Peacock and her minions, including several George bombs, drives across the screen, delivering multiple hits to the opponent. One of the George bombs is wearing a cowboy hat a carrying a revolver.

Megalith Array (QCB + KK) [Level 5] Double transforms into a massive floating Moai (a statue from Easter Island) and bombards its opponent with all manner of projectiles, including energy rings, walking George Bombs, and flying George Bombs. Can be used in the air. Each attack button fires a different projectile.


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  • George's name and build are a reference to the Tex Avery cartoon character George, who in turn is based after George from the novel Of Mice and Men. Both the cartoon character and literary character are accompanied by a friend named Lenny, who is the namesake of the Lonesome Lenny Bomb.
  • Like Lenny it is not known whether or not there are multiple George Bombs, as he detonates whenever he appears in combat and there can be multiple George's on screen at the same time.
  • George and Lenny were originally named Little Boy and Fat Man before Skullgirls' official release, these names were changed to avoid insensitivity to the atomic bombings of Japan during World War II. Peacock's character trailer still features her referencing Fat Man when activating Lonesome Lenny.
  • Peacock based George and Lenny after the scientist with the top-knot.
  • According to the push block animation, George has very hairy legs.
  • Sanshee manufactured a George Plush product with the description: 
'His father was an 8-Ball, his mother was a bomb; it was a story of forbidden love... or maybe he was just made in the Anti-Skullgirl Lab. I don't know. Either way this endearing and explosive bundle of joy has waddled , driven and flown his way into our hearts, and now you can have your very own to cherish. We promise it will be a love that last until precisely when the wick runs out.'
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