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It should be noted that the majority of Fukua's lines (and all of Shamone's lines) consist of re-used and re-pitched soundbites from Filia. As such all verbal references/shout-outs made are identical between the two characters and can be found on Filia's Quote page.

Being Selected

  • [Fukua]: Here we come! (Old)
  • [Fukua]: ♪ We're gonna get you~! ♪ (Since the 6/16/20 Update)

Old selection line

Current selection line

Pre-Round Introduction

  • [Fukua]: Eep!
  • [Fukua]: Waaaah!
  • [Fukua]: Hey!
  • [Fukua]: Do I know you...?
  • [Fukua]: Who are you?


  • [Shamone]: Eat boot! (s.HK)
  • [Fukua]: Take 'em down! (c.HK)
  • [Fukua]: Let's go! (c.HK/Inevitable Snuggle startup)
  • [Shamone]: Coming through! (c.HK)
  • [Shamone]: Weak! (Block Attack)
  • [Shamone]: Tugh! (Block Attack)
  • [Shamone]: Gotcha! (Successful Tender Embrace/Inevitable Snuggle/Head Over Heels)
  • [Fukua]: Hmph. (Platonic Drillationship/Forever a Clone)
  • [Fukua]: Surprise! (Blown Kiss)
  • [Fukua]: Get ready! (The Drill of my Dreams)
  • [Fukua]: This is fun. (Best Friends Forever!)
  • [Fukua]: ♪ We're gonna get you~! ♪ (Best Friends Forever!)
  • [Fukua]: HEY! (Beginning of Twice Shy)
  • [Fukua]: WHOA! (Beginning of Twice Shy)
  • [Fukua]: Rapunzel's grave! (Successful Twice Shy)
  • [Fukua]: Let's GO! (Head Over Heels startup)
  • [Fukua]: Get.. away! (Successful throw)
  • [Fukua]: Eep! (Successful throw)
  • [Fukua]: Hold it! (Air throw)
  • [Fukua]: Back off! (Ground shot/escaping a throw)
  • [Shamone]: Scram! (Escaping a throw)
  • [Fukua]: Stayin' alive! (Breaking an infinite)
  • [Fukua]: Um, no! (Breaking an infinite)
  • [Shamone]: Afro nova! (Breaking an infinite)
  • [Shamone]: Funky! (Breaking an infinite)


  • [Fukua]: I'm done! (Switching out)
  • [Fukua]: Your turn! (Switching out)
  • [Fukua]: Goodbye! (Switching out)
  • [Fukua]: Help! (Switching out)
  • [Shamone]: See ya! (Switching out)
  • [Shamone]: Later! (Switching out)
  • [Fukua]: You're on! (Switching out with Cerebella)
  • [Fukua]: Break a leg! (Switching out with Cerebella)
  • [Fukua]: Your highness! (Switching out with Parasoul)
  • [Fukua]: Here, kitty! (Switching out with Ms. Fortune)
  • [Shamone]: Yo, worm! (Switching out with Squigly)
  • [Fukua]: Little girl! (Switching out with Umbrella) (Unused)
  • [Fukua]: Waaaah! (Switching in)
  • [Fukua]: Eep! (Switching in)
  • [Fukua]: Hey! (Switching in)
  • [Fukua]: Let's meet someone new! (Outtake)
  • [Fukua]: Get lost! (Outtake)
  • [Shamone]: Get outta here! (Outtake)
  • [Shamone]: You bore me! (Outtake)
  • [Shamone]: Hit the road! (Outtake)


  • [Fukua]: I'm okay! (Ground recovery)
  • [Fukua]: Ouch... (Ground recovery)
  • [Shamone]: Get up, kid! (Ground recovery)
  • [Shamone]: Unstoppable! (Ground recovery)
  • [Shamone]: Pathetic! (When opponent comments after recovering)
  • [Shamone]: Just stay down! (When opponent comments after recovering)
  • [Fukua]: Oh no! (When opponent comments after recovering)
  • [Fukua]: It's not over! (When opponent comments after recovering)
  • [Fukua]: Sorry! (When opponent comments after recovering)
  • [Fukua]: I thought you were done for! (When opponent comments after recovering)


  • [Fukua]: It's over.
  • [Fukua]: Guess we won...
    • [Shamone]: Of course!
  • [Fukua]: Was that good?
    • [Shamone]: You bet, kid!
  • [Fukua]: So much for your hat... (vs. Cerebella)
  • [Fukua]: Not much of a show. (vs. Cerebella)
  • [Shamone]: It's all natural. (vs. Cerebella)
  • [Shamone]: She's mine! (vs. Double)
  • [Shamone]: Don't expect much from a corpse! (vs. Squigly)
  • [Shamone]: This one's for Delilah. (vs. Marie)
  • [Shamone]: Make a wish, kid. (vs. Marie)
  • [Fukua]: I am who I am. (vs. Marie)
  • [Fukua]: This is for my parents (Vs. Marie)


  • [Fukua]: Sorry, mom...
  • [Fukua]: Sorry, Samson... (removed via a patch update on June 7, 2014 as Mike Z forgot to remove it prior)
  • [Fukua]: No...
  • [Shamone]: Stupid...!
  • [Shamone]: Dammit, kid!
  • [Shamone]: I was so close! (vs. Marie)
  • [Fukua]: No...!
    • [Shamone]: Not again! (vs Marie)
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