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Being Selected

  • [Filia]: Let's go, Samson!
    • [Samson]: Hell yeah!

Pre-round Introduction

  • [Filia]: They look nice...
  • [Filia]: Do I know you?
    • [Samson]: You don't.
  • [Samson]: I don't have time for this!
  • [Samson]: Shut up and fight!
  • [Samson]: Don't think. Fight!
  • [Filia]: Who are you?
    • [Samson]: Lunch.
  • [Samson]: You're about to have...a bad hair day.
  • [Samson]: Split skulls, not hairs.
  • [Samson]: Don't split hairs!
  • [Samson]: Bring it on!
  • [Samson]: I don't have time for this!
  • [Samson]: She's mine! (vs. Double)
  • [Filia]: He sounds nice.
    • [Samson]: We're not going with him! (vs. Big Band)
  • [Samson]: Who hired you? Vitale? (vs. Big Band)
  • [Samson]: Let's end this! Right here! (vs. Eliza)
  • [Filia]: Do you know her, Samson?
    • [Samson]: 'Fraid I do, kid. (vs. Eliza)
  • [Filia]: Do you have a hair parasite too?
    • [Samson]: That's just roadkill! (vs. Beowulf)
  • [Filia]: Can we keep her, Samson?
  • [Filia]: Oh...It's you. (vs. Fukua)


  • [Filia]: Samson! (s.HP)
  • [Filia]: Go! (s.HK)
  • [Samson]: Eat boot! (s.HK)
  • [Filia]: Let's go! (c.HK)
  • [Filia]: Take 'em down! (c.HK)
  • [Samson]: Coming through! (c.HK)
  • [Samson]: Move it! (c.HK)
  • [Samson]: Split Ends! (j.HK)
  • [Filia]: Let's go! (Hairball)
  • [Samson]: Roll 'em up! (Hairball)
  • [Filia]: Hmph! (Ringlet Spike)
  • [Filia]: Surprise! (Ringlet Spike)
  • [Samson]: Ringlet Spire! (Ringlet Spike)
  • [Filia]: Fenrir...
    • [Both Filia and Samson]: DRIVE! (Fenrir Drive)
  • [Samson]: Death from above! (Fenrir Drive)
  • [Samson]: You're mine! (Fenrir Drive)
  • [Filia]: Get ready! (Fenrir Drive)
  • [Filia]: 変身! (Gregor Samson)

            Henshin!    lit. 'Transform'

  • [Filia]: Transform! (Gregor Samson)
  • [Filia]: Bug off! (Gregor Samson)
  • [Samson]: Metamorphosis! (Gregor Samson)
  • [Samson]: Squash...THIS! (Gregor Samson)
  • [Samson]: Gregor... SAMSON! (Gregor Samson)
  • [Filia]: Rapunzel's grave! (Tricobezoar)
  • [Filia]: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (Tricobezoar)
  • [Samson]: Weak! (Block Attack)
  • [Samson]: Tugh! (Block Attack)
  • [Filia]: Back off! (Ground shot/escaping a throw)
  • [Filia]: Eeeeeep! (Throw)
  • [Filia]: Um, no! (Burst)
  • [Filia]: Stayin' alive! (Burst)
  • [Samson]: Funky! (Burst)
  • [Samson]: Afro nova! (Burst)
  • [Filia]: This is fun! (Born With It)
  • [Samson]: Stop wastin' my time! (Born With It)


  • [Filia]: Help! (Tagging out)
  • [Filia]: I'm done! (Tagging out)
  • [Filia]: Goodbye! (Tagging out)
  • [Filia]: Good luck! (Tagging out)
  • [Filia]: Your highness! (Switching with Parasoul)
  • [Filia]: Here, kitty! (Switching with Ms. Fortune)
  • [Filia]: Break a leg! (Switching out with Cerebella)
  • [Filia]: Little girl! (Switching with Umbrella, unused)
  • [Filia]: Beowulf! (Switching with Beowulf)
  • [Filia]: Big Band! (Switching out with Big Band)
  • [Filia]: Eliza! (Switching out with Eliza)
  • [Filia]: ROBO FORTUNE! (Switching out with Robo-Fortune
  • [Filia]: Need my help? (Switching in)
  • [Filia]: Here we come! (Switching in)
  • [Filia]: Think fast. (Switching in)
  • [Filia]: Here we go! (Switching in)
  • [Filia]: You're on! (Switching in)
  • [Samson]: Let's go, babe! (Switching in)
  • [Samson]: Incoming! (Switching in)
  • [Samson]: Quit hoggin' the stage! (Switching in with Cerebella)
  • [Samson]: I'll show ya how it's done. (Switching in with Squigly)
  • [Samson]: Yo, worm! (Switching out with Squigly)
  • [Filia]: Let's meet someone new! (Outtake)
  • [Filia]: Get lost! (Outtake)
  • [Samson]: Get outta here! (Outtake)
  • [Samson]: You bore me! (Outtake)
  • [Samson]: Hit the road! (Outtake)


  • [Filia]: I'm okay. (Ground recovery)
  • [Filia]: Ouch! (Ground recovery)
  • [Filia]: Aww... (Ground recovery)
  • [Samson]: Get up, kid! (Ground recovery)
  • [Samson]: Unstoppable! (Ground recovery)
  • [Filia]: Oh, no! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Filia]: I thought you were done for! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Filia]: Sorry! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Filia]: It's not over! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Samson]: Just stay down! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Samson]: Pathetic! (Opponent recovery)


  • [Filia]: Great work!
    • [Samson]: Damn straight!
  • [Samson]: Tch!
  • [Samson]: Not bad.
    • [Filia]: Thanks!
  • [Samson]: Hmmmmmmmmmm...
  • [Filia]: [Giggle]
  • [Filia]: Guess we won...
    • [Samson]: Of course!
  • [Filia]: Was that good?
    • [Samson]: You bet, kid!
  • [Filia]: Maybe next time!
  • [Samson]: Good job, kid!
  • [Filia]: It's over.
  • [Filia]: So much for your hat... (vs Cerebella)
  • [Filia]: I thought clowns were funny? (vs Cerebella)
  • [Filia]: Not much of a show. (vs Cerebella)
  • [Samson]: It's all natural. (vs Cerebella)
  • [Samson]: She's mine! (vs Double)
  • [Samson]: Don't expect much from a corpse. (vs Squigly)
  • [Filia]: We beat her!
    • [Samson]: For now. (vs. Eliza)
  • [Samson]: Stay down this time, Sekhmet! (vs. Eliza)
  • [Samson]: Huh. They oughta crown you champ! (vs Beowulf)
  • [Filia]: Does she dream of electric mice? (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • [Filia]: This is for my parents. (vs Marie)
  • [Filia]: I am who I am. (vs Marie)
  • [Samson]: This one's for Delilah. (vs Marie)
  • [Samson]: Make a wish, kid. (vs Marie)


  • [Filia]: Sorry, mom...
  • [Filia]: No...
  • [Filia]: Sorry, Samson...
  • [Samson]: Dammit, kid!
  • [Samson]: AARGHHH!!
  • [Filia]: Beat by a clown... (vs Cerebella)
  • [Filia]: Not... funny. (vs Cerebella)
  • [Filia]: No...!
    • [Samson]: Not again! (vs Marie)
  • [Samson]: I was so close! (vs Marie)
  • [Samson]: Now we're even. (vs Double)
  • [Samson]: Neferu...! (vs. Eliza)


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