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Cirque des Cartes
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Likes: Cerebella
Dislikes: Being teased by Cerebella
Voiced by: Kira Buckland

Feng (JP: フェン) is a Dragon Empire migrant showcasing her acrobatic skills at the Cirque des Cartes. The pair of birds perched on her head are an enigma, summoned by a lucky mistake in geomancy. As much as her family in the Dragon Empire depends on her income, she worries what she and her friend Cerebella will be asked to do in the long run. She is described as "preoccupied", and has a tendency to hesitate.

In Skullgirls Mobile, Feng appears in Cerebella's origin story as one of the three candidates for an important Medici mission, alongside Cerebella and Beatrix. While she passes the first test, she fails the second due to Beatrix's meddling. After being upset initially, she encourages Cerebella to beat Beatrix in the final test, but warns her not to become self-centered and spiteful in her quest for fame.

Playstyle Speculation

As a graceful acrobat, Feng is able to use her ghostly bird friends to assist her in various ways. She can place them on the stage as focal points that can bend her jumps and aerial attack trajectories or open other high-flying movement options. Keeping them close would enhance her specials and supers, instead.

Gameplay Inspiration

  • Okina (Last Blade series)
  • Homing cancels (Arcana Heart series)


  • Feng was the thirteenth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $260,000.
  • As with the rest of Cirque du Cartes's performers, Feng's design is based on a playing card motif. Her symbol is the "Ace".
  • She is Cerebella's roommate. 
  • She is gifted in solving algorithms, as demonstrated when she easily solved Taliesin's puzzle box. 
  • Alex Ahad mentioned that the ghost birds on her head were summoned to her due to the fact that she had such a bad sense of Feng Shui that the very arrangement of her furniture's causes such bad chi flow that it attracts numerous ghosts into her house.
  • Feng has been confirmed to not have romantic feelings for Cerebella. Their relationship is platonic and she looks up to Cerebella, similarly to the relationship of Minette and Ms. Fortune.[1]



Feng Mechanics Prototype and Sample Combo

Mechanics Prototype and Sample Use video


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