Skullgirls Encore - Eliza Voice and SFX Reel

Skullgirls Encore - Eliza Voice and SFX Reel

The voice of Eliza is provided by Michelle Ruff.
The voice of Sekhmet is provided by Wendee Lee.
The voice of Albus is provided by Christopher Corey Smith.
The voice of Horace is provided by Sean Schemmel.

Being SelectedEdit

  • [Eliza]: Let's dance, darling.
Charconfirm eliza

Pre-Round IntroductionEdit

  • [Eliza]: Albus! Horace! I shouldn't be long.
    • [Albus]: Yes, boss! (Simultaneous)
    • [Horace]: Yes, milady! (Simultaneous)
  • [Eliza]: Darling, you are not ready for what you are about to face.
  • [Eliza]: How do I look?
  • [Eliza]: [Giggle] Deal with it!
  • [Eliza]: Yes, I am rich!
  • [Sekhmet]: Watch and learn!
  • [Sekhmet]: Gaze into the face of your death!
  • [Sekhmet]: Your cells shall betray you!
  • [Horace]: It is unwise to cross Lady Eliza's path.
    • [Albus]: Horace! Let's go.
  • [Albus]: The boss don't wanna see you, pal.
    • [Horace]: Albus! Let's go!
  • [Horace]: I'll keep the limo running, milady.
    • [Albus]: Have fun, boss.
  • [Horace]: Happy hunting!
    • [Albus]: It's gonna be your funeral!
  • [Horace]: I'll be keeping my eye on you!
    • [Albus]: You're in trouble now, pal!
  • ​[Horace]: I'll be at your side!
    • [Albus]: I'll have your desserts ready, boss.
  • [Eliza]: This is your latest host, Samson?
    • [Sekhmet]: Pathetic! (vs. Filia)
  • [Eliza]: Join me, Samson! Or become a relic of the past! (vs. Filia)
  • [Eliza]: The show must go on...
    • [Sekhmet]: you end here! (vs. Cerebella)
  • [Eliza]: You are a childish parody of the divine! (vs. Peacock)
  • [Eliza]: Don't worry...
    • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: ...your kingdom will be in good hands. (vs. Parasoul)
  • [Eliza]: Forbidden fruit is the most tempting... (vs. Ms. Fortune)
  • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: What is this abomination!? (vs. Painwheel)
  • [Eliza]: Are you blessed by Taweret, or a scalpel? (vs. Valentine)
  • [Eliza]: My reign and your fall are long overdue! (vs. Double)
  • [Eliza]: Oh, Leviathan. You should've stayed buried! (vs. Squigly)
  • [Eliza]: A sarcophagus that makes music? Delightful! (vs. Big Band)
  • [Eliza]: All strange and terrible events are welcome... (vs. Eliza)
  • [Eliza]: Show me what today's champions can do. (vs. Beowulf)
  • [Eliza]: A mockery of Bastet's children, I shall not suffer it! (vs. Robo-Fortune)


  • [Eliza]: Shake! (j.LP)
  • [Eliza]: Sistrum! (j.LP)
  • [Eliza]: Nemes! (c.LP)
  • [Eliza]: Atum! (c.LP)
  • [Eliza]: Set! (c.LP, 2nd hit)
  • [Eliza]: Crown! (c.LP, 2nd hit)
  • [Sekhmet]: Kopesh!
  • [Sekhmet]: Rip and tear! (s.LP)
  • [Sekhmet]: Ha ha ha ha! (s.MP)
  • [Sekhmet]: Butchery! (s.MP)
  • [Sekhmet]: Axe! (s.HP, j.MP)
  • [Sekhmet]: Banish! (j.HP)
  • [Sekhmet]: Cartouche! (j.HP)
  • [Sekhmet]: Cartouche, cartouche! (j.HP)
  • [Sekhmet]: That's my name! (j.HP)
  • [Eliza]: Crescent! (j.MP)
  • [Eliza]: Thoth! (j.MP)
  • [Eliza]: Excuse me! (c.MP)
  • [Eliza]: Sphinx! (c.MP)
  • [Eliza]: Giza! (c.MP)
  • [Eliza]: Achoo! (c.MP, 2nd hit)
  • [Eliza]: Atum Array! (j.HP)
  • [Eliza]: Sirocco...
    • ...Storm! (s.HP, 2nd hit)
  • [Eliza]: Amun...
    • ...Ra! (s.HP, 2nd hit)
  • [Eliza]: Isis! (c.HP)
  • [Eliza]: Wedge! (s.LK)
  • [Eliza]: Bastet! (c.LK)
  • [Eliza]: Meow. (c.LK)
  • [Eliza]: Chaos... (s.MK)
    • Banish! (s.MK, 2nd part)
  • [Eliza]: Tread! (j.MK)
  • [Eliza]: Sobek! (c.MK)
  • [Eliza]: Staff of Ra! (s.HK)
  • [Eliza]: Solar Arc! (s.HK)
  • [Eliza]: Solar...
  • [Eliza]: Staff of...
    • ...Devour! (s.HK, 2nd hit)
    • ...Eclipse! (s.HK, 2nd hit)
  • [Eliza]: Barging through! (c.HK)
  • [Eliza]: Cruisin' by! (c.HK)
  • [Eliza]: I'm on a boat! (c.HK)
  • [Eliza]: Hesat! (j.HK)
  • [Eliza]: Mummify! (Osiris Spiral L)
  • [Eliza]: Spiral! (Osiris Spiral L)
  • [Eliza]: True beauty! (Osiris Spiral M)
  • [Eliza]: Osiris! (Osiris Spiral M)
  • [Eliza]: Osiris...
    • [Sekhmet]: Spiral! (Osiris Spiral H)
  • [Eliza]: What's wrong?
    • [Sekhmet]: Too spooky? (Osiris Spiral H)
  • [Eliza]: Boys~?
  • [Eliza]: Go now!
    • [Albus]: Let's go, let's go! (Throne of Isis)
    • [Albus]: Faster, faster! (Throne of Isis)
    • [Horace]: Move! Move! Move! Move! (Throne of Isis)
    • [Horace]: 1, 2! 1, 2! (Throne of Isis)
  • [Eliza]: Horace! (Dive of Horus)
  • [Horace]: Falcon Dive! (Dive of Horus)
  • [Horace]: No quarter! (Dive of Horus)
  • [Horace]: Skree! (Dive of Horus)
  • [Horace]: Back off, ruffian! (Dive of Horus)
  • [Horace]: Quite good. (Dive of Horus)
  • [Eliza]: Albus! (Weight of Anubis)
  • [Albus]: You don't measure up! (Successful Weight of Anubis)
  • [Albus]: Get lost, pal! (Successful Weight of Anubis)
  • [Albus]: Let's duat! (Successful Weight of Anubis)
  • [Albus]: To the underworld! (Successful Weight of Anubis)
  • [Albus]: Hey! (Failed Weight of Anubis)
  • [Albus]: Woah...! (Failed Weight of Anubis)
  • [Eliza]: Rise! (Upper Khat)
    • [Sekhmet]: Up! (Upper Khat, 2nd hit)
      • Upper Khat! (Upper Khat, 3rd hit)
      • You serve me! (Upper Khat, 3rd hit)
  • [Eliza]: She who mauls! (Lady of Slaughter)
  • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: The Lady of Slaughter! (Lady of Slaughter)
  • [Sekhmet]: Ah ha ha ha! (If first hit of Lady of Slaughter connects)
    • [Sekhmet]: I remain! (End of Lady of Slaughter)
    • [Sekhmet]: Say my name! (End of Lady of Slaughter)
  • [Eliza]: Nekhbet!
  • [Eliza]: No mercy!
    • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: You are broken! (Nekhbet Breaker)
    • [Eliza]: The clutches of eternity! (Nekhbet Breaker)
  • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: Sunrise!
    • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: High noon!
      • [Sekhmet]: Sunset! (Khepri Sun)
  • [Eliza]: Blaze across the blue skies! (Khepri Sun)
  • [Eliza]: Khepri !
    • [Eliza]: Ra !
      • [Eliza]: Khnum ! (Khepri Sun)
  • [Eliza]: Grind you in the dirt! (Grab)
  • [Eliza]: An offering to Renenutet! (Grab)
  • [Eliza]: ...Soiled! (Failed grab)
  • [Eliza]: Your place is below me. (Air grab)
  • [Eliza]: Down where you belong! (Air grab)
  • [Eliza]: Whiff! (Failed air grab)
  • [Eliza]: Yawn. (Blocking)
  • [Eliza]: [Sigh] (Blocking)
  • [Eliza]: Weak. (Blocking)
  • [Sekhmet]: Illiterate! (Ground shot)
  • [Sekhmet]: Be gone! (Push block)
  • [Sekhmet]: I am a GOD! (Bursting)
  • [Sekhmet]: I have no weaknesses! (Scarlet Ladies)
  • [Eliza]: Keep young and beautiful! (Scarlet Ladies)


  • [Sekhmet]: Samson! (Switching out with Filia)
  • [Eliza]: Child! (Switching out with Peacock)
  • [Sekhmet]: My pet! (Switching out with Ms. Fortune)
  • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: Lamia! (Switching out with Double)
  • [Sekhmet]: Leviathan! (Switching out with Squigly)
  • [Eliza]: Devour! (Switching out with Fukua)
  • [Eliza]: Half-pint! (Switching out with Umbrella) (Unused)
  • [Eliza]: Umbrella! (Switching out with Umbrella) (Unused)
  • [Eliza]: It's my turn, dear. (Switching in)
  • [Eliza]: Watch and learn! (Switching in)
  • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: I hunt again! (Switching in)
  • [Eliza]: I give the orders! (Switching in with Filia)
  • [Eliza]: Done enough. (Switching in with Cerebella)
  • [Eliza]: I'll take care of it! (Switching in with Ms. Fortune)
  • [Eliza]: Lost your touch? (Switching in with Double)
  • [Eliza]: Move, worm! (Switching in with Squigly)
  • [Eliza]: You turn to me? (Switching in with Squigly)
  • [Eliza]: Just follow my lead. (Switching in with Big Band)
    • [Horace]: Have fun, milady! (Switching in)
    • [Horace]: Jolly cooperation! (Switching in)
  • [Sekhmet]: Kiss kiss! (Switching out after assist)
  • [Sekhmet]: Face off! (Switching out after assist)
  • [Eliza]: Smooches! (Switching out after assist)
  • [Eliza]: Mmmmwah~~ ❤ (Switching out after assist)
  • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: Leave my sight! (Outtake)
  • [Eliza]: Cut you down! (Outtake)
  • [Eliza]: Exiled! (Outtake)


  • [Eliza]: Poor you! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Eliza]: You fool! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Eliza]: You will BOW! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Eliza]: You bore me! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Eliza]: Don't struggle! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Eliza]: Give up! (Opponent recovery)
  • [Sekhmet]: I don't kneel! (Ground recovery)
  • [Sekhmet]: Nut, Geb! (Ground recovery)
  • [Sekhmet]: Insolence! (Ground recovery)
  • [Sekhmet]: The thirst! (Ground recovery)
  • [Sekhmet]: Useless! (Ground recovery)
  • [Sekhmet]: Peon! (Ground recovery)


  • [Eliza]: How do I look? (LP)
  • [Eliza]: Yes, I am rich! (MP)
  • [Eliza]: Mmm. Victory looks good on me! (HP)
  • [Eliza]: Boys, prepare the limo! (LK)
  • [Eliza]: I could go for a dip right about now! (MK)
  • [Eliza]: I give the orders! (HK)
  • [Eliza]: How do I look? (PP)
  • [Eliza]: [Giggle] Deal with it! (KK)
  • [Sekhmet]: Gaze into the face of your death!
  • [Sekhmet]: Your cells shall betray you!
  • [Sekhmet]: I thirst for more!
  • [Sekhmet]: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • [Sekhmet]: Look on ye mighty, and despair!


  • [Eliza]: How... DARE YOU...!
  • [Sekhmet]: Curses! (if K.Oed or Outtaked while separated from Eliza)
  • [Eliza]: You've... improved... (vs Filia)
  • [Eliza]: Samson... (vs Filia)
  • [Eliza]: Well... played... (vs Parasoul)
  • [Eliza]: Dangerous prey...! (vs Ms. Fortune)
  • [Eliza and Sekhmet]: The power...! (vs. Painwheel)
  • [Eliza]: Beat by YOU... (vs Squigly)
  • [Eliza]: How fitting... (vs. Eliza)
  • [Eliza]: Not...bad at all. (vs Beowulf)
  • [Eliza]: Seshat has betrayed me... (Time out)
  • [Eliza]: I wasn't even trying!
    • [Albus]: Why I oughta... (Time out)
    • [Albus]: Grrrrrr... (Time out)
    • [Horace]: Please rest, milady. (Time out)
    • [Horace]: No pictures! No pictures! (Time out)


  • "I'm on a boat!" is a reference to the song of the same name by The Lonely Island.
  • "Staff of Ra!" is a reference to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • "Look on ye mighty, and despair!" is a reference to Ozymandias, specifically the line, "Look on my works ye mighty, and despair!".
  • "Rip and tear" is a reference to the "Doom comic book".
  • "Falcon Dive!" is a reference to Captain Falcon's Falcon Dive move from the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • "Let's duat!" is a play on the phrase "Let's do it." A duat is a realm of the dead in Egyptian mythology.
  • "What's wrong?" "Too spooky?" is a reference to the popular Internet meme, "2spooky4me".
  • In the pre-round introduction for Valentine, Eliza references Taweret, the ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility.
  • "Jolly cooperation" is a reference to Dark Souls, where a character named Solaire, leader of the Warriors of Sunlight covenant emphasizes this phrase upon first meeting the player.
  • "I have no weaknesses!" is a reference to Kira Yoshikage from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, specifically the second bomb of Killer Queen (with which Sekhmet shares a resemblence), Sheer Heart Attack.
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