Skullgirls double

Being Selected Edit

  • Your sins have no absolution!
Charconfirm double

Pre-round Introduction Edit

  • Have you come to give confession?
  • I'll gladly accept your blood.
  • Ignorant children... you would rebel against the Great Mother?
  • Repent, for your death is nigh...
  • The Trinity has deemed you... acceptable.
  • Defiling unknowingly consume our flesh.
  • To fight is futile. Aeon has foretold our victory.
  • Now they trespass upon Venus' domain.
  • You would dare oppose the church?
  • What is a man?
  • Blessed are those that revere Lamia.
  • You dare stand before me, betrayer? (vs Valentine)
  • Remember me, Sienna? (vs. Squigly)
  • It's time you were dismantled (vs. Big Band)
  • You shall pay for your crimes, Neferu. (vs. Eliza)
  • I SHALL BE AVENGED!!! (vs. Eliza)
  • My family shall be avenged. (vs. Eliza)
  • Lamia shall be avenged. (vs. Eliza)
  • You will regret challenging the Skullgirl. (vs. Beowulf)
  • Humans have created quite a toy. (vs. Robo-Fortune)
  • How clockwork has advanced. (vs. Robo-Fortune)

Combat Edit

  • Coconut! (s.MP)
  • With whipped cream! (s.MP)
  • Cat Scratch! (s.HK)
  • Smile! (s.HP)
  • Titan Knuckle! (s.HP)
  • Eat this! (s.HP)
  • My little... friend! (j.HK)
  • Flip the bird! (j.HK)
  • Meowr..?! (Whiffed air grab)
  • DAMN... (Successful air grab)
  • Have at you! (Bandwagon Rushdown)
  • Be driven before us! (Bandwagon Rushdown)
  • Here, kitty-kitty! (Cattelite Lives)
  • Dinner time! (Cattelite lives)
  • Be praying. (Nightmare Legion)
  • No refuge! (Landing final blow in Nightmare Legion)
  • No hope! (Landing final blow in Nightmare Legion)
  • No escape! (Landing final blow in Nightmare Legion)
  • Mega crush! (Megalith Array)
  • Shoot the core! (Megalith Array)
  • Defiling maggots. (False Intentions [Taunt])
  • Ignorant children. (False Intentions [Taunt])

Switching/Tagging Edit

  • Run, coward! Double-cross! (Switching in)
  • Run, coward! Second impact! (Switching in)
  • Goddesspeed. (Switching out)
  • Big Band. (Switching out when facing Big Band)
  • I'm watching you... (Switching out when facing Eliza)
  • Neferu. (Switching out when facing Eliza)
  • Beowulf. (Switching out when facing Beowulf)
  • Begone! (Outtake)
  • Exile. (Outtake)
  • Chimeram! (Outtake)

Recovery Edit

  • (None)

Win Edit

  • Humans are the real monsters.
  • Your world's end draws ever closer.
  • A miserable little pile of secrets.
  • I am merely an instrument of her will.
  • And lo, the evil was smitten.
  • Back in the habit!
  • The culling of our flock continues.
  • You should have treasured your remaining years. (vs. Big Band)
  • This was the eventual outcome. (vs. Big Band)
  • Now you will be sacrificed to the Great Mother. (vs. Eliza)
  • An eye for an eye. (vs. Eliza)
  • Even you are but a child to the Great Mother. (vs. Eliza)
  • How fitting. Now you shall be sacrificed to our cause. (vs. Eliza)
  • Do unto others as those who have done to you. (vs. Eliza)
  • Did you think you could transcend the fate of mortals? (vs. Eliza)
  • Foolish buffoon. A false warrior. (vs. Beowulf)
  • You shall be an example to the unworthy. (vs. Beowulf)
  • Only a hollow shell. (vs. Robo-Fortune)

Loss Edit

  • Forgive me, masters...
  • Aeon, why have you forsaken me...?
  • Still you struggle. (vs. Big Band)
  • My...revenge. (vs Eliza)

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