The 'Digital Art Compendium' is a collection of every individual frame of animation that appeared in Skullgirls - even unfinished frames that were cut from the final game. These frames can be viewed still or animated. It also includes character concept sheets, movie posters and frame dumps. It was made available exclusively for those who backed the Keep Skullgirls Growing! Indiegogo Campaign by at least $80.


  1. June 3rd 2014: Lab Zero released an update adding Big Band frame dumps, Big Band story mode art, Marie frame dumps, Fukua frame dumps and Fukua story mode art
  2. October 29th 2014: Lab Zero released an update that added Eliza frame dumps and fixed transparency issues with Filia/Fukua’s eyes in their frame dumps. It also fixed issues that prevented some users from unzipping the last update to the compendium.


Unused animations that were cut from the final game:

Filia: Some of Filia's were cut due to Mike Z refusing to implement them, deeming them too inappropriate. This only occurred with Filia as she was the first character made - meaning no content standards had been revised yet.

Peacock: Most of Peacock's were cut due to taking up too much of the file size to be used on consoles.

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