The voice of the Dazed Announcer (also originally known as the Drunk Announcer) is provided by Joshua Tomar, exclusive to Skullgirls 2nd Encore.

This is an alternate Voice Pack available to use in place of the standard announcer voice, with the same announcer but different quotes in a dazed/drunk manner.

-Skullgirls- Dazed Announcer

-Skullgirls- Dazed Announcer

Character SelectedEdit

  • Filia! (When player selects Filia)
  • Uh, Filia I think...? (When player selects Filia or Fukua)
  • Ce-Cerebella! (when player selects Cerebella)
  • The-the one with the arms! (when player selects Cerebella)
  • (drunk laugh) Peacock! (When player selects Peacock)
  • (giggling) Paras-soul! (When player selects Parasoul)
  • Mssssss. Fortune! (When player selects Ms. Fortune)
  • Painwheheheel! (When player selects Painwheel)
  • Double (drunk giggle) (When player selects Double)
  • Ninja nurse! (When player selects Valentine)
  • (drunk laugh) Valentine! (When player selects Valentine)
  • Is that a zombie? (When player selects Squigly)
  • Squigly! (drunk giggle) (When player selects Squigly)
  • Big Band! (When player selects Big Band)
  • Big dude! (When player selects Big Band)
  • Fuuukua (When player selects Fukua)
  • 'Liza... (When player selects Eliza)
  • Beowulf! (When player selects Beowulf)
  • Wulf, bro! (When player selects Beowulf)
  • (drunk laugh) Robot! (When player selects Robo-Fortune)
  • Roboooooooo-Fortune! (When player selects Robo-Fortune)

Pre-round IntroductionEdit

  • Ladies and gentlemen, it's...ssshowtime!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, it's...aaaaction!
  • No, you be quiet!
  • H-Hit em' w-with the punch an-and kickssssss!
  • I can't wait to see this!
  • Oh is it starting!? Quiet!
  • Hey, I think they're gonna fight!
  • Who-Who will... Who'll be my ride home tonight?
  • Everybody bottoms up!
  • Ziggy-zaggy, ziggy-zaggy~!
  • Ready? Down the hatch!
  • You'll be ssssingin' when yourrrr winnin'!
  • Decid-(hiccup) the destiny.
  • Should we take this outside? Are we outside?
  • Lessssee some fireworks!
  • Cheeeeers!
  • Okay go!
  • Toast to your health!


  • Whoa whoa...hang on!
  • The room is spinnin'...
  • Oh? Eh? Are we stopping?
  • I've had too much juice, Serena.
  • Oh, we're back! (Unpaused)
  • Okay, get 'em! (Unpaused)
  • Fight! (Unpaused)


  • Cut!
  • That's a wrap!
  • That was really-(belch) uhhhh...
  • Wait, you didn't get hit at all?! (Perfect)
  • Whhooooaaaaaaaa...!
  • Whoa! I'll have what they're having!
  • Heeey, great job! ...Listen, can I get a ride home?
  • An overwhelmin-(hiccup) victory!
  • Come onnnnn, give someone else a turn!
  • Yes! Yeah, uh... yeah!
  • Aw, should've had money on that one!
  • Aww, maaaaaaan!
  • Uh, I guess that's it, then.
  • They fell down. Can they get up again?!


  • You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. (Continue?)
  • Do over! Can we get a go over?! (Continue?)
  • Wait you're quitting? Nooo, duuude.... (Continue?)

Round endEdit

  • Player 1 pays the tab!
  • Player 2 pays the tab!


  • The "Decide the Destiny" quote is from Hokuto no Ken fighting game pre-round introduction.
  • "Is that a zombie" is a parody of the title of the anime/manga series Is This a Zombie.
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