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D. Violet
DLC DViolet.png
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown but is older than Beowulf (possible late 30's to early 40's)
Likes: Fighting Crime

Deep Violet (JP: D・ヴァイオレット) is a former crime fighter pulled into the web of intrigue woven around the latest Skullgirl. Deciding it was too much for her stuffy civilian identity, she takes up her Living Weapon, the Pazuzu Whip, and dons her alter ego to enter the fray once more.

Playstyle Speculation

She may be less inhibited, but she still enjoys having control. Lick those boots!

Despite being a heroic character, her general attack style would have a pagan and demonic motif to it as well as a dominating aspect. Of course, she’d also be able to do some long distance attacks with her versatile snake whip. The weapon can grow multiple snake heads and change in rigidity as needed.

Gameplay Inspiration

  • Linda (Double Dragon)
  • Mizuki/Midori/Luna/Misa (Punisher arcade)
  • Spider-Man (Marvel vs. Capcom series)
  • Masane (Witchblade anime)


  • D. Violet was the fifth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $100,000.
  • Alex Ahad has described her as being like the Hulk, only powered by "horniness" instead of anger.
  • It's been implied that Mrs. Victoria is unaware of her alter-ego existence.
  • In demonology Pazuzu is a Mesopotamian demon-deity depicted as a man with various animal parts, including a snake in place of male genitalia.
    • Pazuzu was also seen as a protector of women, fitting with Skullgirls theme of female characters. He was also believed to be an evil spirit that would ward off other evil spirits fitting with how D. Violet resembles a demon but still fights crime.
  • D. Violet's character design may have been inspired by the Alruna's Rose item, more specifically the female variant from Gaia Online, due to their somewhat similar appearances, and the fact that they are both made by Alex Ahad. Mrs. Victoria may have also taken inspiration from this character.
  • In Annie’s story mode for Skullgirls 2nd Encore, it is implied that D. Violet was an old protégé of hers.
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