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The Cirque Des Cartes (French for Circus of Cards) is a famous, playing card themed circus group in the Canopy Kingdom. In reality it is backed by the Medici Mafia and serves as their talent pool for hitmen. However, while most of the performers serves the mafia, some do not or are unaware of its more nefarious deeds.



Unnamed, he is a tall, towering figure amongst the other performers. His horns and fangs may indicate a Gigan background. Represents the Joker card.


Unnamed, he is a short man with an impressive moustache and wears a top hat that makes him appear taller. Despite holding the position of ringmaster, Regina is regarded as the circus' true leader. Represents the King playing card.

Unnamed Spades Member

His design seems to directly contrast Hubrecht's. Represents the spades suit.



  • Four members of the circus are incorporated with one of the four symbols on a deck of trading cards. Cerebella's symbol is the Diamond, Beatrix's symbol is the Club, Hubrecht's symbol is the Heart and the unnamed man in the striped shirt's symbol is the Spade.
  • The other five members represent the 4 non-number types of cards. Feng is the ace, Regina is the Queen, the Ringmaster is the King, Taliesin is the Jack and the unnamed clown is the Joker.
  • Both Hubrecth and Regina's appearances in Cerebella's story mode portray them with blonde hair. However, every other depiction shows them with pink and purple hair respectively. 

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