The Contiellos are a famous line of opera singers and long-time clients of the Medici family. They have also served as Leviathan's hosts for generations.

The majority of the Contiello family is only shown in a flashback during Squigly's story mode during Selene's birthday party. However, Black Dahlia and a group of Medici assassins arrive and kill all of them after being informed by Double that the Contiellos possessed the Skullheart. After Selene wishes her family back from the dead, they become undead servants of the Skullgirl, sans Squigly who retained her free will thanks to Leviathan.

Previous to their betrayal, the Medicis appeared to have a cordial relationship with the Contiellos, though Lorenzo found no hesitation in killing them, and Black Dahlia even expressed satisfaction in shooting Roberto. Black Dahlia implies the Contiellos were always seen as pawns, calling them "pretty caged birds for the Medici". Additionally, there were apparently tensions between the Contiellos and the Renoir Family. According to Roberto, the Renoirs had tried to oppress the traditional arts and stories of their kingdom, which included the Contiello's opera singing. However, thanks to Roberto and Selene, their tradition held strong.

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  • It is unknown how long ago or under what circumstances Leviathan began serving the Contiellos. Considering how negatively parasites are viewed, it is surprising that a prestigious family would openly have one.

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