The vast sprawling Kingdom within which Skullgirls takes place. Ruled by the Renoir royal family, it is a prosperous land which contrasts sights of beauty to scenes of despair. Vaguely similar to 1940s America, the Canopy Kingdom is home to millions of humans, Dagonians, Ferals, and the giant-sized Gigans. This kingdom is blessed with a very socially-conscious royal family, a strong military, and amazing technology. King Renoir’s ruthless war campaigns lead to explosive technological and cultural growth, investing a lot into combining technology and magic to take on the other 2 countries during the Grand War. There's a lot of discriminations against minority groups like ferals. Parasite hosts specifically are heavily ostracized as hosting a Parasite is seen as taboo. While the Renoir Crown rules the Canopy Kingdom, the Medici rules its sizable underworld. The capital of the Canopy Kingdom is Canopolis. Currently the Canopy Kingdom is in peace with the other kingdoms and countries. Despite this the kingdom itself is not at peace as a new Skullgirl is currently causing chaos within the kingdoms great city, New Meridian.

Historic InformationEdit

Seven years ago, the world was engulfed in conflict, in what became to be known as the Grand War, involving The Canopy Kingdom, The Chess Kingdom, and The Gigan Nation. The Queen of the Canopy Kingdom Nancy Renoir found the Skull Heart and wished for peace, but found herself transformed into the most powerful Skullgirl to date as a result. In the end, the three nations had to stop their war to team up to defeat the former queen – in the end her wish was granted, as an uneasy peace formed following her demise.

Locations in the Canopy Kingdom Edit

  • Canopolis
  • New Meridian

Characters from the Canopy Kingdom Edit

Playable charactersEdit

Non-Playable charactersEdit


  • The climate of the Canopy Kingdom is based off of Northern California, but it’s mostly based off of whatever looks cool.
  • The official currency of the Canopy Kingdom is called Bones.
  • The distances between the Canopy Kingdom, the Gigan Nation and the Chess Kingdom are roughly the equivalent of the distances between Europe, Russia and the Middle East. They are separated by No Man's Land.
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