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Brain Drain
Secret Controller
Gender: Unknown (Presumably male)
Likes: Controlling others
Dislikes: Rebellion
Voiced by: Kaiji Tang

Brain Drain (JP: ブレイン・ドレイン) is a non-playable character in Skullgirls.


Lab 7's only successful psychic experiment, most of Brain Drain's body was destroyed in the disaster which consumed the facility. The experience left him doubtful of human reliability, so as far as he is concerned anybody who falls short of his expectations is to be replaced. Because of this ruthless approach, he soon became the widely-feared second-in-command of Lab 0. An expert at analyzing others, he even believes he can construct superior mechanical replicas.

Brain Drain is now the "psychic director" of the highly secretive ASG Lab Zero. Peacock, Leduc, Ileum, Big Band, and the other creations of ASG Lab 8 appear to have free will and stay on friendly terms with Dr. Avian (who is possibly unware of Brain Drain's true intentions). Brain Drain controls Painwheel against her will, suggesting a more villainous set of ethics, or a complete lack of ethics altogether. Brain Drain is a secretive character, preferring to stay in the shadows (as well as work from there,) rather than fight directly. Because of this, he uses his powerful abilities to "influence" others to follow his instructions. It is unknown if he is truly evil, or having most of his body replaced with metal made him completely deaf to his conscience. Despite his less than pure methods of work, his skills are clearly seen through perhaps his Magnum opus Robo-Fortune. His work can frequently cause issues, particularly annoying Valentine. She hates Brain Drain and may have been forced to work on the kidnapped Carol under his direct influence.

Despite his sinister nature and inhumane methods, Brain Drain does not appear to work under completely under the motive of self-gain, but rather in the interest of the general population. For instance, in Valentine's origin story in Skullgirls Mobile, when Valentine shows hesitance to the idea of kidnapping Carol for their project, Brain Drain tells her that it is a necessary sacrifice to save the world, and that they don't have the luxury to be picky considering the stakes and the rarity of a compatible blood sample. Valentine goes on to echo this sentiment to Painwheel in her respective origin story. This does not justify the questionable nature of his (non-canon) cloning projects, as this is referred to as a hobby.

At the end of Painwheel's main story, he is shown looking down to Painwheel as she is in a state of depression, sadness and anger after her heartbreaking run in with her parents after they've seen her physical monstrous appearance. As Painwheel is grieving Brain Drain makes himself known by telling her to head back to the lab at Lab Zero as he had much to discuss with her, however upon seeing Brain Drain Painwheel calmly says to him "Do you really think you can control me...?" before quickly becoming enraged and telling him that he's next.

Playstyle Speculation

Brain Drain is calm, cool, sophisticated, and incredibly arrogant. With his strong psychic abilities and robotic body, he is able to glide around with the greatest of ease. The extending needles on his fingers and head are used to read someone’s mind, alter their memories, or even control their body. His snapback attack may possess the enemy player as he takes over their body and forces them to fight their own team members. He’s also able to attack with various psychic beams from his head. He might have some sort of ability where he analyzes and deconstructs an enemy’s attack, customizing a part of his move-list and projecting it back in holographic format.

"Stop hitting yourself! No, wait...keep going.”

Gameplay Inspiration

  • Toki (Hokuto no Ken)
  • Warlock (Cyberbots)
  • Rogue (X-Men vs. Street Fighter)
  • Shadow (One Must Fall: 2097)


  • Brain Drain was the eleventh possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $220,000.
  • Brain Drain's head looks very similar to that of Gurren Lagann, from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It even has the exposed brain that Lagann has in its first form.
  • In an unused alternate ending for Valentine, it is implied that Brain Drain has some kind of relationship with Christmas.
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